Date: 20th April 2013 at 6:48pm
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Bolton Wanderers
2 – 1

Reebok Stadium

nPower Championship

20 April 2013

Attendance: 18,420

Referee: Deadman

Bolton Wanderers Middlesbrough
Eagles 50', Sordell pen 59' Dyer 56'
Bogdan Steele
Ricketts Hoyte
Knight Woodgate
Dawson Williams
Alonso Dyer 69
CY Lee McEachran 59
Medo Smallwood
Pratley Halliday
Eagles Carayol
C Davies 72 Ameobi 66
Sordell 87 McDonald


Lonergan Leutwiler
Ream Bikey 66
Butterfield 87 Bailey 69
Lester Haroun
Vela Emnes 59
Hall Main
Eaves 72 Miller

Game Statistics

11 Goal attempts 8
7 On Target 4
5 Corners 3
10 Fouls 13
0 Yellow Cards 1
0 Red Cards 1
50 % 50

34 Replies to “Stats: Bolton Wanderers v Middlesbrough”

  • thanks Al, an essential precious victory while both Forest and Leicester stumble to draws, can the gods smile on us for a while longer and stuff the odds down my throat – I truly hope so.

  • Also, do you think any Boro fans said, without any sense of irony after Woodgate was sent off, ‘that referee’s a Deadman’?

  • Pedro, you were right about the Reebok Roar! More of a collective Reebok peeping out from behind the sofa, feeling scared! Great win though, despite the edginess. Result is all that matters now. Back in control again. Just got to outperform Leicester and Forest.

  • Mike, when you are doing your sums regarding the last two games( i write this after the Boro win) bear in mind two things. Firstly, we now play a Cardiff team that have guaranteed top spot, so hopefully they’ve already starting drinking heavily. And more importantly, the two danger teams for us regarding our playoff spot- Leicester and Forest, cannot both win their last game of the season because they play each other.. Also, Leicesters other game is against 2nd place chasing Watford

  • If Forest beat both Millwall and Leicester, we need at least a draw at Cardiff and victory over Blackpool, then goal difference decides. If Leicester beat Watford and Forest we must beat Cardiff and Blackpool. Should Leicester lose at Watford then go on to beat Forest in the last game we can afford to lose at Cardiff assuming we beat Blackpool of course. If we pull off a victory at Cardiff the Blackpool result may be immaterial unless of course victory moves us into 5th place. Worst scenario for us is Leicester winning their two games ( horror) I think they play Watford on the Friday so if Leicester do get a result ( win or draw) we probably have to match it at Cardiff. There are other scenarios Millwall beat Forest – Leicester beat Watford – we lose at Cardiff and drop to 7th, then Forest beat Leicester and we beat Blackpool to snatch back 6th place. Best scenario is Forest & Leicester are both defeated next game and draw the last meaning we only need 1 point from our two games. Finally – don’t discount Charlton, they could end up on 67 points and leapfrog everyone if we totally collapse and other results go their way. I prefer to assume everyone will lose one and win one, which would be enough for us and it is more than enough from me.

  • Firstly well done lads for the win but why oh why was Bogdan playing after his Leicester debacle and why was he even there anyway? Rabbit in the headlights and Jussi like “rooted to the spot” for the goal. Why wasn’t Craig D subbed much earlier? He was tiring and starting to look like SKD. Lots of ball control errors but so did they but didn’t they slice through us so easily in the first half. The sending off didn’t make much difference and with their intelligent substitutions and tactics as a friend of mine said, it looked like they had 12 and WE had 10! Pretty edgy stuff for the last ten minutes

  • We were right behind Eagles goal and will have to watch the replay to see if it was a cross or a very accurate lob!

  • CYL magnificent and one of the few times the club have picked the correct MOTM after getting it wrong so many times

  • With only a few hundred ‘Boro fans there, our own attendance must have finally gone up a bit. Let’s hope we get a big crowd for the final game, the players do their walk of thanks for the first time in a couple of years and that SKD sees sense and brings his family so we can show our appreciation for his loyal service.

  • Am I missing something regarding skd? Is there a reason that he wasn’t even in the squad today? I too hope he has at least a cameo in the last game so we can all show our appreciation of his time with us.

  • Really who is voting that we won’t make the play offs? I can only assume its blackburn fans reading our site so they can try to remember the feeling of success or some of you are the sort of people who tell their six year old that their rendition of twinkle twinkle little star is crap and not to do it again.

  • I would guess that SKD is not the most intelligent of footballers despite being thoroughly charming and shy when you meet him. My guess is that he has spat his dummy and had an argument with DF and Gartside after “that” interview.

  • Why did he not sort out his future career with the club in private last year and retire gracefully when he realised that he was losing his skills and whatever speed he had.

  • Maybe his “friends” did not have the guts to put an arm round his shoulder, take him to one side, tell him the truth and give him advice.

  • Just watched the 9 mins of highlights of the home game against Cardiff. Bogdan should have saved the first goal, N’gog being denied a goal when he was patently onside, Dougie’s first game wearing a suit and looking like a real Manager and as if he had slept well before the game! Maradavo running at them with his mazy runs, Petrov’s superb crosses, coming from behind for the first time in ages. Hope their keeper hasn’t improved!

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