Date: 13th April 2013 at 5:29pm
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Bristol City
1 – 2
Bolton Wanderers

Ashton Gate

nPower Championship

13 April 2013

Attendance: 12,935

Referee: Haywood

Bristol City Bolton Wanderers
Davies 49′ Fontaine 2′ (og), C Davies 79′ (pen)
Heaton Bogdan
Fontaine 46 Ricketts
Nyatanga Knight
Cunningham Dawson
Moloney 86 Alonso
Kelly Eagles 83
31 Spearing 44
Elliott Pratley
Adomah Lee
Baldock Sordell
Davies Ngog


Gerken Lonergan
Foster Ream
Bates 46 Butterfield 83
Kilkenny Medo 44
Howard SKD
Anderson 31 C Davies 74
Taylor 86 Hall

Game Statistics

19 Goal attempts 12
5 On Target 6
12 Corners 4
4 Fouls 6
1 Yellow Cards 2
0 Red Cards 0
45 % 55

26 Replies to “Stats: Bristol City v Bolton Wanderers”

  • interesting stats, better possession thought Bristol posed the greater force in attack. Tuesday is now a real cup final, a big 6 pointer and the most important remaining game . Victory strengthens our position and the 5 point gap created should kill off Leicester, defeat and we could drop back to 8th

  • Stats after 23 mins – possession 78% to 22% in favour of Bristol City. No goal from open play in 90+ mins against the bottom side. Nice to get the rub of the green yet again!

  • Pedro raises an interesting point, the rub of the green has been in our favour of late, maybe it balances out previous misfortunes, not withstanding, now we have control over our destiny I hope we can recapture our scoring instinct, akin to how we thrashed Hull City, in our remaining games to lead us safely over the line. Our fragility to hit the target remains our Achilles heel, though we have only leaked 2 goals in 5 games from the last 6 which is superb going for any team and is the reason behind our success .

  • i think it’s quite bad taste to put it doubt to luck, undermines pretty much how far the team has come on and the great work dougie is doing setting the team up each match, this isn’t a one off anymore, it has become the norm. we have become difficult to beat, that other teams are making mistakes. oh and our first goal was from open play, granted an own goal.

  • Bowton – Neither myself or Pedro claim we have risen to 6th purely down to luck or good fortune and we are not undermining our improvements under DF. I praised our defence as the clean sheets allowed our recent 1-0 victories, however, it also says much about our opponents failure to put chances away as it says about our defensive play, this was evident at Bristol. Victory by any means is the objective, however, in citing the obvious we need to dominate the games far more and put more chances away should our next opponents be more clinical with their opportunities, DF would say exactly the same, I trust you would agree.

  • We have played badly and had a lot of luck. My opinion and a lot of others too. We have played very well in bursts of 10 to 20 mins and never stuck a good 90 minutes together for many a season. We normally are on the receiving end of bad luck. Maybe we are a good team that can play badly and still win!

  • Pedro – I admire your frankness, I was trying to say the same but more diplomatically. My background is in the construction industry from where we have a standard saying ” you can’t polish a t-rd “

  • Not just the construction industry Mike! BTW I had 20 interesting years down under from 1975 but missed live football so much I came home!

  • What? well by that logic we were only relegated down to bad luck, not an extremely poor team and incompetent manager, and one of the worst defensive displays continually i’ve ever seen for almost year and half.. there is no point in saying it’s not undermining when it just is. luck is meant to be something uncontrollable and as i see it, except the charlton loss the last 10 games have been brilliant for us, and has been down too a few good changes in january and a hell of allot of hard work in training.

  • your stuck in quagmire of reveling in slagging off your team so much, that your having to point out our possession after 23mins??? and stating wrong facts. certain it was quite understandable this animosity and constant moaning in the first few slow weeks of dougie’s tenure, but if you think there hasn’t been an improvement, well as far as i see it unless he pulls some silver wear out of his backside, i don’t think there is any point in trying to change perceptions and opinions. you can keep your constant hope of finding a four leaf clover.

  • i’m all for being critical on the team, even when we’ve won i’ll tear holes in some of the players displays on the pitch, but just make sense, so others can understand your point.

  • you said you were in construction, were now in the playoffs for peak sake, would it hurt to be constructive, you two give allot to this site in comments and now recently guest articles, it’s a shame it can’t be more….oh well, it doesn’t matter i guess.

  • I have to agree with Bowton here guys, maybe I wouldn’t get so excited but as I said the other day it can’t be down to bad luck or good luck over the whole season. We were rubbish last season and until Feb. this season but now we are playing well and seeing games out.

  • as previously said, luck and good fortune is not the only reason behind our success, it has played a part in the demise of teams above and around us of late influencing our own league position. I initially said fortune tends to balance itself out across a season, you might wish to interpret that as ” cream always rises to the top eventually ” poor results and performances earlier this season have been compensated by much better ones this year, attributed to the improvements generated by DF, the players themselves lifting their game together with the new arrivals adding their contributions to the mix. All in all the chemistry of the team has become more potent, however, hanging on to a single goal lead with the opposition dominating possession attacking our goalmouth, as witnessed of late, is never a recipe for assured victory and success, in a single moment that lead can be taken away, regardless of justification. Pedro and myself simply pointed out until we dominate more, convert more chances chalking up 2 or 3 goals a game, we remain vulnerable to opponents who themselves are pretty lethal in front of goal when given a chance. Alex Ferguson underlined the same point yesterday in stating the result against Stoke was not safe until the penalty went in the net making it 2-0 and Di Canio was urging his team to attack and seek another goal when 3-0 up against Newcastle. I want the lads to secure a play off spot, I am equally sure DF will feel more comfortable if we are dominating Leicester having a 3-0 lead with 20 minutes remaining, opposed to defending for our lives, under siege, hanging on to 1-0. If you choose to interpret my comments as criticism, so be it, though I have only cited the obvious and no criticism is intended. As for last season and bad luck, I recall the Robertson equaliser and Cisse goal, both at the death in the penultimate games suddenly moved 4 points against us and took us from assured safety. In the last game at Stoke 2 very dubious refereeing decisions, a foul on Bogdan not given, and a dive by Crouch viewed as a penalty that never was denied us a victory and sent us down – these final incidents collectively took 4 points away from us, giving QPR 2 points, conspired to send us down right at the death, to me that was serious bad luck.

  • this makes more sense mike, i need more to work with at time to see where people are coming from, but my comments weren’t coming from just this article, luck was said quite allot throughout last week, your right, we do need to score more, but it’s just not going to happen. we haven’t got the squad to do that. dougie has sacrificed our attacking forces for structure and discipline, there a reason the majority of our man of the matches has gone to spearing.

  • until dougie can truly make some solid signings at the end of the season, both in defence and attackers, we just are not good enough individually to open up play more often and go for the jugular. i just think your wanting a style of play that isn’t and shouldn’t happen. this is largely the same squad that got relegated, and your right, that last day was bad luck and it was out of our hands, but what about the 30 odd matches that we played? that wasn’t down to luck, it was an inability of a a terrible manager. can u not remember the constant (justified) criticism of coyle you used to say on a daily basis? that old mike never put it down to luck.

  • From The Bristol Post ‘Tenacious in the defence of their penalty area, the obdurate [flinty] Trotters demonstrated an innate understanding of how to win a game when not playing at their best.’

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