Date: 20th February 2013 at 9:11pm
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Bolton Wanderers

Pride Park

nPower Championship

19 Feb 2013

Attendance: 22,145

Referee: Ward

DerbyBolton Wanderers
Ward (81)Dawson (45)
SammonC Davies74


M Davies85

Game Statistics

22Goal attempts10
10On Target6
0Yellow Cards1
0Red Cards0

17 Replies to “Stats: Derby v Bolton Wanderers”

  • I have not posted anything on here for weeks. I used to enjoy doing it and reading the other posts. I liked analysising and commenting. I watched the arse get annihiliated by bayern in the week. First game of footy I have watched in weeks. Realised the day afterwards that I have I have lost interest in footy in general and Bolton Wanderers specifically. That saddens me a lot. I have been a Bolton fan for over four decades and like, like somebody else said, watched them all over the land. I don’t watch MOTD any more. I didn’t even bother to check our last two results. Maybe it reflects on me. Maybe it’s about football. Sad though. Especially as my home town club is 4 points of the abyss & about a million off a return to the Promised Land. Coaching staff appear incompetent & senior management likewise. Players are ok but not the class of previous eras. Hard to see the point of continuing to care. Apart from deep-seated (blood) attachment to being born in Bolton.

  • Dear Fred – we all have different expectations and everyone who contributes to this blog experiences different emotions, which leads to contrasting opinions, some like myself seem to criticise everything and everyone and others will dissagree, but that is the beauty, the interest we take from coming together and laying our thoughts or feelings on the line. There is a purity of honesty amongst supporters who appreciate simply listening to what others feel, call it social interaction or whatever, but we have a common bond – the interests of the club we support at the very heart of everything we convey. I can talk a load of garbage at times and others put me in my place which is exactly correct – thats the energy this blog needs, I ask you to hang in and remain a part of this family – your contributions are appreciated and respected by everyone, if you walk away everyone loses, there is too much talk about losing centred on the team we don’t need you adding to that ! – maybe the kids at school have been giving you a hard time or your just under pressure – stay with it – give us another rambling piece we love reading them – honest.

  • Actually I did seriously embarrass my son at school when he was about 7. I convinced him from an early age that a panel of world football experts had decided Frank’s goal against Ipswich was the best ever scored in the history of association football. When he repeated this cherished belief at school he was roundly ridiculed (we live in north London). Of course, I actually still believe it to be true!

  • I should add, Bowton recently expressed dissaproval with my comments – go for it lad – tear a strip off me – debate is the name of the game, remember though I love the team like you and the bottom line is we all either rejoyce or cry together when that final whistle blows. I was clinically depressed for ages when we were relegated last season – absolute injustice – not even OC deserved that.

  • He is now 24 and has more or less forgiven me although his mate from primary school, Steve, does still bring it up regularly. To be fair my son is in a far worse position. He’s an Arsenal fan! Ha! Am hoping our teachers wage freeze is lifted soon so I can continue to pay for his counselling sessions. And as Muur rightly points out we are not Wolves, or QPR, or Villa, or Sheffield Wednesday or those perennial losers at Barcelona…at least we got a point from our last away game. They’ll be in for Pratley next to complement Iniesta. Bet that midfield combo doesn’t feature in anyone’s fantasy team.

  • On a slightly serious point, I have noticed in the last few games stats that we have created hugely fewer scoring opportunities than the opposition. Guess that accounts for why we have found it impossible all season to tip our goal difference over into the positive. I think we probably started the season on -1.

  • Fred – the panel you mention should have checked out the 2 goals Johnny Byrom scored in the last 5 minutes of a 4th round cup tie at Southampton years ago. In a monsoon mudbath he picked the ball up on the halfway line, clearances from our desperate defence, on both occassions he ran 40 yards, dribbled around 3 defenders before cooly slotting the ball past the keeper, earning us a 3-3 replay that we later lost 2-0, but memories are made of this. Same year I went to Plymouth were we came off with a 1-1 draw, would you belief I had just dashed to the loo when we scored – missed the only goal on what was a 600 mile round trip – gutted !

  • lol Mike. Reminded me about my poor old Dad in his later years when he had a problem and had to make frequent trips to the loo. The number of goals he missed used to drive him up the wall! We used to say as he got out of his seat – oh oh we are going to score now ……! I used to imagine him hearing the roar when he had disappeared down the stairs, poor old bugger!

  • Pedro – me and your dad are both poor old buggers ! me and my mate always went to away games together in his car – I couldnt drive – went down to Tottenham one Saturday and got lost in the middle of London, by the time we reached the ground their was only 20 minutes left, worst ground ever visited – Halifax – a dirt bike track around the pitch and a grass embankment at one end. Todays game looks tough on paper.

  • pleased to see more comments on the site these days but some articles would also be nice Al. A preview of today’s game maybe? its 11.45 am and we kick off at 3:00pm

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