Date: 1st January 2013 at 10:58pm
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Leeds United
1 – 0
Bolton Wanderers

Elland Road

npower Championship

1 January 2013 15:00

Attendance: 22,386

Referee: Phil Gibbs

Leeds UnitedBolton Wanderers
Becchio (pen)



Game Statistics

12Goal attempts9
3On Target3
1Yellow Cards2
0Red Cards0

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  • Each result brings either hope or despair. DF now seems to be realising that te squad with the highest wage bill in the division is of mediocre ability and is unlikely to mount a challenge for a play off spot. Bolton fans can only hope Eddie Davies will put up with this for another season before calling it a day.

  • the calculated gambles undertaken by Gartside on managers and player movements have backfired disasterously, it is accepted Coyle inflicted the greatest damage with Gartsides blessing, by releasing or selling our best player assets to replace them with inferior players locked into the club on probably 3 year contracts, while our managers seem incapable of getting any level of consistency or credible performances out of the team as a whole. Why Gartside engaged a manager with only 18 months experience remains a mystery, did Freedman make Crystal Palace the team they are, or did that team make Freedman look good and appear a better manager than he actually is ? Based on results to date Freedman has not made a shred of difference and has probably done worse than Coyle would have done had he stayed, based on the fact the squad was assembled by Coyle and therefore the players were self ingratiated towards him. It remains to be seen what changes if any for the better may arrive during the January window and thereafter, it does appear certain the team will not be challenging for promotion, unless an extraordinary transformation takes place beyong our wildest expectations, far more likely we could be battling against relegation. Gartside has been extremely quiet of late, no doubt pondering how he can explain away the ruin he has brought down on the club for which he is entirely responsible for. I repeat my case for more able strikers, goals are the only thing that can save the team, a quick look at past results show we have missed out on draws and victories by a single goal in each game, if you were to add an extra goal across all games played to date it would be interesting to know how that would have affected our points total. If you create only one chance in a game and put that in the back of the net you can walk away with 3 points. Cardiff have had several single goal victories and they sit 7 points clear at the top of the league – point made – no pun intended.

  • I should have mentioned that serious questions should be asked on how decisions are taken to get rid of players and select those who have been brought in. You can literally make up a full team of players currently playing successfully each week in the premiership who all wore Bolton shirts less than 2 years ago,: Jussi, Al Habsi, OBrian, Nolan, Taylor, Vaz Te, Cahill, etc, etc. while the team that has replaced them are struggling at the bottom of the championship, we now have no one, bar our injured, who are Premiership quality. It is shocking that no explanations are put forward to the fans explaining why this has been allowed to happen. Equally, it almost beggars belief that had it not been for a raft of incredulous events across the last 2 games of last season – WBA last minute equaliser – QPR last minute winner – two outrageous referee decisions at Stoke, we would still be in the premiership. Which leads to why has our team become such a failure in this lower league ? I can only conclude the premiership is a false standard with half of the teams in it no better or worse than most teams in the championship, while the latter is restricted to only three teams getting promotion each year when more teams could hold their own in the prem if given the chance.

  • I went to the game and came away very frustrated. Shooting stats which had been improving now deteriorating. Our defence has improved but we need players to shoot harder and more accurately. Surely not impossible when all they do is kick a fecking ball all day?!

    bwfc75 what stream do you use and is it any good? I will need a good one for the southern games

  • I used to subscribe to livefootyonline/bitscores which was excellent. This has now closed down. Anyone know of an equivalent online stream?

  • I normally use Firstrow but a ‘friend’ from America sent me a link after he heard I like ‘soccer’. It was just a blue link I clicked on and it opened. I had to download a ‘player’ for images but it was crystal clear. He said a few weeks ago that our ‘soccer’ is live on their screens all the time. Premiership at 3pm (10am his time) are always live games and some Championship too. It’s something he pays for, I think? That should be our TV schedule, not there’s.

  • Can see us in a blackburn situation with Gartside having to take training sessions. We need to buy a leader at the back who will get in the faces of colleagues & opposition alike. We also need a striker who will score consistently when chances are created. Think we can safely wave goodbye to Afobe. There just seems to be nobody in the club hierarchy who can get rid of this culture of acceptance of under-achievement & complacency. DF praising “energy levels” when we have just lost makes me wonder if he knows what he is doing. What about some bloody honesty. We had more than our fill of the “take the positive out of every game” cobblers under OC. We put in what was by general consensus a mind-numbingly below-par performance against Leeds. Why not tell it like it is then maybe it will worm its way into our players’ thick skulls that this level of performance is simply unacceptable. If they don’t like being told they are cr*p then they can pack their free boots & gloves and p*ss off. We may “lose” money but we would at least save their wages. Am sure I was not always this negative but the last 12 months or so have removed almost all my enthusiasm for the club I have supported for 40+ years.

  • Well said Fred, though we all know Gartside is unlikely to sack Freedman, given he stood by Coyle for 2 years as he destroyed the team. It is incredible that Gartside allowed Coyle to spend a combined sum of £8 million plus wages on Sordell and N’Gog when only today Blackburn have signed a forward as good as them, if not better, for £1 million. I accept you cannot change the past but in any other industry their would be an inquest and Gartside would face some impossible questions concerning decisions taken under his stewardship as club chairman. E. Davies should seriously consider his options, if we fail to make signings and improve the team by some margin right now, we could easily join other ex premiership clubs into the wilderness of the lower leagues for quite some time. We all felt by dropping down a league the time had arrived when the team would enjoy consistent success beating most teams in this division, on the contrary, the team is now performing at levels of mediocracy never previously witnessed. There has to be a reason ?, are they truly that bad or is the new manager responsible ? I fear Freedman has no idea, juggling the team every game is a clear sign he doesn’t know who should play or is pressure applied by others above him on who gets to play ?. I sense most teams at the top of this league play with a hunger that stems from wanting to get into the prem, to face the best teams and earn alot more money. Our lads have been there worn the T shirt, already earn the money, so who gives a monkey if they fail miserably, certainly not their bank balances and certainly not them.

  • The reason why we are in our current predicament is in the main the poor transfer dealings of Owen Coyle and some bad luck with injuries. At this point we have to give Dougie Freedman some time to build his own team, he is no fool and can surely see how bad we perform at times plus the deficiencies of some of the players, but he knows that slagging them off in the media will not help. Big Sam was a great manager, but he has moved on and so should we.

  • Absolutely agree that DF has got to be given time to create something of his own. One of the problems, I suspect, is the mercenary nature of a lot of people involved in modern football (cf Demba Ba). As Mike said a lot of our squad are already on PL wages and have no allegiance to Bolton at all. The same can probably be said of the manager; no Bolton connection and OK he obviously wants to be a success for the sake of his career but at the end of the day I assume he has a contract that will guarantee a healthy pay-off if it goes wrong. I also agree with not throwing mud at individuals in public but if the team plays poorly and everyone can see that then I see little point in pretending otherwise. It makes the manager look foolish and takes the fans for a bunch of fools. OC undoubtedly bought unwisely – did he not take any advice? And as a result we seem to be saddled with a squad from which it is impossible to fashion a cohesive team. DF seems to have had a look at most of the players now and so should be in a position to decide who he wants to keep and who he wants to move on. Without doubt who he gets to bring in will, to an extent, depend on who he can ship out. Regardless of this I still maintain that we need a centre forward and a centre back. One last thing in a positive vein is that, Peterborough notwithstanding, DF does seem to have tightened things up at the back albeit not enough and not without the odd crass piece of defending (take a bow Mr.Ream). Now watch us put 6 past Sunderland and lose the next 3 league games!!

  • I see Ipswich are now on our shoulder and ready to overtake us, well done Mick McCarthy, the transformation you have engineered in 2 months is fantastic and exactly what the Bolton fans knew you were capable of doing, given you have years of experience doing just that, precisely why Bolton fans wanted you to replace Coyle. Unfortunately our glorious Chairman who has a similarly impressive record in selecting our managers, for all the wrong reasons, decided otherwise. With the paramount objective to get the club back in the premiership this year ( £70 million Sky money or financial oblivion was the win- lose objective ) Mr Gartside choose instead to appoint a trainee. Brilliant logic, I can only assume Gartside shares the same mentality as Lord Cardigan, who sent our light cavalry to certain destruction charging the russian artillery. Since making the appointment our team is running head first into the valley of death, retreat ! retreat !

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