Date: 7th October 2012 at 3:14pm
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2 – 1
Bolton Wanderers

The Den

npower Championship

6 October 2012 15:00

Attendance: 10,116

Referee: Gavin Ward

MillwallBolton Wanderers
Henderson (2)Eagles


M. TaylorLonergan
C. Taylor73'Ream
WrightDazza Prazza

Game Statistics

11Goal attempts12
5On Target2
1Yellow Cards4
0Red Cards0

13 Replies to “Stats: Millwall v Bolton Wanderers”

  • That first half. Hopeless. Utterly hopeless. The pass-and-move football that got Burnley promoted, Burnley to a decent enough position by the time Coyle left them, kept Bolton up and then got Bolton to the top 6 and the latter stages of the FA Cup around New Year 2011 has now been completely forgotten and replaced with hoof-and-stand-still. I can’t remember a time when I saw so little movement off the ball from a Bolton team. It was worse than all of Megson’s tenure. Granted, the second half was much better than the first, but it still wasn’t good. I hear Bruce Rioch is available…

  • Bruce Rioch, Alan Curbishley, Mick Mcarthy i would take anyone of the 3. If Coyle wants to do the right thing by the club he should fall on his sword and resign. Gartside and Eddie Davies need to act quickly in replacing him with one of the afore mentioned replacements so we can regroup in this internantional break and possibly salvage the season before its too late!

  • You two obviously don’t come from a footballing backgorund. Otherwise you would be able to see the improvement in our play in the two draws and a loss to 3 rubbish teams without Coyle having to explain to you why rubbish football is actually good football. If you have a footballing background rather than relying on actually watching the game you would know this already.

  • Fred – are you winding me up ? knowing I have been wandering the desert for 18 months looking for water you tell me there is a tap over the next dune and it will be turned on tomorrow !
    Back of the net has it right – Coyle has issued a high court injunction claiming the FA must promote us to our rightful place at the top of the league, other teams we have played to date, along with match officials, have failed to show us the respect our masterful displays deserve, insulting our players and manager by blatantly scoring goals against us, in clear breach of the Human Rights Act, in fact our manager has been forced to seek an MRI scan to identify his state of mind due to the negative impact all collective critisism is having on him, nothing short of blatant discrimination if you ask me.

  • Why wait till tomorrow?? Does the Press Office & Media Dept have Mondays off?? JUST GET ON WITH IT!!!
    (Big Mick’s body double already spotted at Whites Hotel, Lostock, Euxton – take ur pick!)

  • It shows how much most of us really feel when the stats page gets so many comments, we can’t even wait for Mr X to emerge from behind the sofa and attempt to cheer us up with his next article…BTW Fred, thats not nice you getting our hopes up like that, shame on you and your wishful thinking

  • Sorry Mike…seems the tap ran out of water. Word is that after meeting with Eddie and Phil the OC is staying and has promised to really really really get to the bottom of what has been going wrong this time and definitely fix it right away so we can surge up the league and burst into the bright sunshine of the promised land where we belong. Mind you I did read a rider somewhere quoting Eddie going off after todays meeting to consider the situation. Maybe that tap could get re-connected!

  • This is classic OC bull****: “…it’s been three disappointing games. We wanted a far greater amount of points than we have taken from them. If we had, we’d be in a good position to make a challenge.” OK, he’s surely taking the p*ss with this. He has insulted our intelligence before but this is truly astonishing. It’s the same level of patronising cr*p the tories have been spouting in Birmingham.

  • Again, I would love Eddie Davies and Phil Gartside to prove all the fans wrong, OC to turn the season around and for us to win the league, but I’m really sorry; its so unlikely to happen. It’s a massive risk to take in NOT sacking him, much bigger than hiring a replacement with a solid track record. The only reasoning that I can think of is a) it’s too expensive to sack Coyle or b) they don’t think they can get a replacement who will buy into the grand youth policy/cheap wages plan.

  • I think a lot of managers would be put off by lack of funds/youth policy but some managers would be licking their lips to get their hands on our team. Especially if they are a hungry, relatively young manager with prospects. Apart from SKD, our team is built around a passing mentality and some managers would have no fear in reverting to that straight away. It’s now impossible for Coyle to turn things around and not just because I believe he doesn’t believe he can anymore. Even if, by some miracle, he woke up one morning after dreaming a winning formulae, us fans have already made up our minds. We won’t give him time to turn things around. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, that’s just how it is. Gartside needs to realise that. Gartside removed Megson through fan-voices, Coyle I think will be removed by Gartside after fans hit him in the pocket. Danfarn- The brewery have shown no signs of rectifying the problem and our landlord is refusing to switch providers. It is now OK to stage a lock-in and voice your disapproval. But aim it at the landlord and not the barrel.

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