Date: 20th July 2019 at 8:26pm
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I was in Croatia recently. A nice part of the world, and a country which had Ivan Klasnic. Remember him?

They do, and the guy there who asked if I remembered him also knew we were in a bit of a mess nowadays. That was on Wednesday, and just a few hours later the Chester game was called off, and earlier today the Preston game has also gone, amid unconfirmed reports the entire squad has walked out en masse and a takeover that still hasn’t happened.

And we know what Football Ventures want now. They want the hotel, and are reluctant to proceed without it, only that the separate administration process there has to run it’s course. And we’ve probably had enough damage done to the club now where it’s terminal in one way or another.

The worst-case scenario, this isn’t sorted out within the next two weeks, we don’t start the season, and we’re surely kicked out of the league. We could even still be liquidated. Either way would finish the club as we know it.

And even if this is sorted out, it’s far too late in the day. We’ve played one senior pre-season friendly effectively, the York game featured youngsters only, with the more established lot ‘not ready’ (whatever that meant), then we at least had a game against Al-Ittihad. But as it stands, we now only have one remaining game, at Oldham next weekend, then we might play Wycombe. And if we get taken over and announce a truck load of loan signings, good luck getting them all to gel straight away, having hardly played. Add in the points deduction – which by the way EFL, would you fancy confirming what that is going to be, or are you busy deciding which shop will host the next League Cup draw? – and no price on another relegation will be too short.

But as long as they have that hotel, that’s all that matters, right?


4 Replies to “Takeover Or No Takeover, The Damage Has Been Done”

  • Its a joke ..they never wanted the club just the hotel..its a joke of a club ..the management the players ..dont care about the life blood of any club the fans ..if by some miracle we do start the season ..who are the only people that suffer ..the fans ..the players will get paid at some time ..but when they do will they give everything for the shirt the fans ..will they hell .. Sir nat will be turning in is grave what is happening to his great club ..bwfc and everyone involved with the take over ..your a disgrace to the town your a disgrace to the great name of bwfc and your a disgrace to the fans who follow you through thick and thin ..the sp have all of a sudden disappeared of the face of the earth ..after taking everyones money ..fold the club ..the true fans will stand on the park and watch bwfc … Ken anderson the board and the warburton family who made money from bwfc the players the efl the fa fifa your all a disgrace to the world of football ..the death of a great club ..the blood is on your hands hang your heads in shame ..billions going into football and if your not in the prem league might as well fold and die…sky sports have reported northing on this ..or ken anderson killing a great club you all should be in a prison cell RIP bwfc ….from one fan who will never set foot into a place that cares so little about its fans

  • Ive been a Bolton fan since Djorkaeff joined.
    From a fan from Armenia, Its really frustrating to see what is happening to the Wanderers.
    It shows how personal interest of people or companies can destroy a club of that kind of history.
    The fans were not there because of who belonged the club but what it represented.
    In this case, where are the fans, why don’t they stand up, block couple of streets, show their frustration and start a petition.
    In the end, the Club belongs to its fans, regardless of who owns it.
    Wake and do something.

  • The Jay Jays and Campos are the root of the problem. Massive amounts of money to pay super stars without the income to pay for it all without borrowing. Relegation and still the financial awareness didn’t appear to be heeded to by the powers that be. On and on it went with heads buried in the sand.
    Assets such as Lostock still exist. Could this not be sold to Wigan like Euxton Lane or is this on some other name?
    It’s all a mess but it’s a long term mess not just a recent thing. Moving to Horwich was to give Wanderers security after selling Burden but it’s not worked as it?

  • Rubbish comments – Jay Jay, Campo, Djorkaeff, Reebok Stadium, I would change nothing those were amazing times to be a BWFC fan, we had massive amounts of money from Sky. Yes we could / should have been financially managed better since Davies stopped funding us,

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