Date: 2nd September 2009 at 11:21am
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Fans who feel that football is being spoiled by cheating will welcome the two match ban imposed on Eduardo for deceiving the referee in the game against Celtic last week. But if the rules aren`t applied to all exponents of the dying swan routine, then Arsenal will be justified in claiming that they`ve been unfairly treated.

If the Premier League ever develop the courage to solve the problem then a good starting point would be Liverpool`s Fernando Torres, who was rightly berated by Zat Knight, for an outrageous dive in the game against Bolton.

Some claim that video technology could be used to assist referees, but there`s a less complicated way to tell if a player is trying it on. Just look at the arms. When falling, there`s a natural inclination to use your arms to break the fall. Players who throw them in the air, as if they`ve been the victim of some unseen pitch-side sniper, do so with premeditation. In other words, it’s a dive.

So that`s that resolved. We await the thanks of referee`s chief Keith Hackett.


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