Date: 22nd September 2015 at 8:03pm
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Hello, I’m back and I don’t like that new Manny Road song

Smartphone users around Bolton have expressed outrage after the new cover version of a popular Wanderers song was automatically downloaded to their iTunes accounts.

‘Walking Down The Manny Road’ has recently been ruined by local indie landfill purveyors The Jade Asssembly. As part of the club’s efforts to promote the song, the band have been playing in the Fanzone, as well as the track being played before at the start of each half extremely loudly, with the apparent intention to damage season ticket holders’ ears.

But the band have seemed to take on a more aggressive marketing push, with Wanderers fans getting the songs without asking for it.

One fan, who sits in the North Stand Upper, told us ‘I was just downloading a few new Coldplay tracks when I saw Walking Down the Manny Road in my library. I haven’t downloaded it. It should be up to me what I listen to. I love tepid dross as much as the next person but I think this is a step too far. It’s rude.’

A source close to the club said, ‘We think the song is a wonderful addition to the matchday experience. Why let fans sing what they want when we can drown them out with this?’
Asked if the club will continue to promote the song, he said ‘Oh yes. This isn’t going away. You are going to embrace this song. You are going to love it. If needed, we will ban people who don’t buy their full album. And a T-shirt.’


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