Date: 28th January 2016 at 11:29pm
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Anthony Hart ‘reports’ on some new developments regarding the takeover

As the Bolton Wanderers takeover saga drags on, potential investors are becoming increasingly annoyed with Eddie Davies’ ever-changing, and according to one source ‘bizarre’ demands.

Davies is apparently open to the club being sold for a nominal fee of £1, but other caveats have started to complicate the deal.

One confidante to a bidder told us at press time, ‘Eddie clearly has the best interests of the club at heart, or so he says. But the demands change every week.

‘At first we had to put money forward to see the club through the current season. Then it was the bills for next season too. Now it’s taken even more twists. We had a meeting with Eddie’s people last night and was asking for the jade monkey. I’m not even sure what one of those even is. He also wanted the tears of two separate unicorns.

We asked him if Davies was aware unicorns are fictional. ‘Yeah, we told him that, but he said Francesco Pisano was fictional and they gave him a contract.’

Another source revealed to us , ‘Eddie also heard about the statue idea a few months ago and he seems keen. He seems staggeringly unaware that public opinion has dropped quicker than Google’s tax rate. But he still wants any prospective buyer to erect it, then though it would more likely end up as an effigy.’


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