Date: 13th November 2015 at 6:06pm
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Anthony Hart’s column is back to report on the latest takeover news (not to be taken too seriously)

Dean Holdsworth has privately explained his rationale for getting involved in the rumoured Wanderers takeover, hoping that helping save the club might finally make up for missing that sitter in the 2000 FA Cup semi final.

Holdsworth has been reported to tell close friends. ‘It was 15 years ago now but I still have nightmares about that. I’ve been looking for ways to repay the people of Bolton ever since. I was thinking about flowers, or cakes. But there was nothing better at the end of the day than possibly swanning away loads of money to oust a chairman nobody really likes. So that’s what I’m going to do.’

Meanwhile, Phil Brown has reportedly being looking at houses in the North West. It is believed if the takeover was to go through, Neil Lennon would lose his job as his face wouldn’t fit and new era and other buzzphrases.

An un-named estate agent confirmed to us that Brown has been looking at properties. ‘He’s not too demanding. He just wants a nice detached property with decent transport links to a solarium and karaoke bar. It’s eclectic, but he’s a lovely bloke.’
There could be some opposition to the takeover though. Current chairman Phil Gartside’s position is under serious threat, with a new chairman rumoured to come to lance that particular boil.

Gartside is reported to have said, ‘I’m not sure anyone can match my record. I was born in this chairman’s suite and will die in this chairman’s suite. Those who know football understand that I care for this famous club. When we went down in 2012 I vowed I would get us out of the Championship. It might have taken a few years but we’re so close to completing the job. It’d be madness to get rid of me now.’


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