Date: 18th August 2008 at 11:44am
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It is 1985 since Stoke City played in the top flight of English football. Attending matches was very different then, with violence among opposing fans being the norm. Since then things have improved and bar the odd isolated incident there is little that remains of the blight that did so much to damage the game and which still affects fans travelling abroad. Unfortunately, no one told the Neanderthals from the Potteries.

Saturday`s game at the Reebok was marred by violence in the town centre and at the game itself, where visiting fans tried to invade the family enclosures (very brave that.) There were also further incidents at the railway station, some time after the match had ended. Worst of all, were the suited and booted morons in the executive boxes who egged on the participants, knowing full well there would be no risk to their own safety.

No doubt there will be claims that it`s just a small minority. That may be true, but one hooligan is one too many. Given the paucity of their football, it is unlikely that Stoke retain their current status for long. It isn`t the only reason why the Premier League will be glad to see the back of them.


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