Date: 23rd March 2009 at 4:48pm
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You can always rely on the Daily Mirror – to get things wrong. It`s normally Alan ‘Porky` Nixon making up stories about the Wanderers, but today it was whoever wrote the headline for David McDonnell`s match report on the game between Blackburn Rovers and West Ham who was a touch wide of the mark. Are you ready for this?

Blackburn 1-1 West Ham: Sam Allardyce relieved after Keith Andrews bags a point for Bolton

Keith Andrews has never played for Bolton, never mind scored for them, and while Sam Allardyce was Wanderers boss for a good while, he left his position nearly two years ago for the less than sunny climes of Newcastle. You might want to update your records chaps.

The rogue headline in all its glory, can be read here here.


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