Date: 29th September 2010 at 12:53pm
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bbwfc steps in while I try to get over my leaving doo….

It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the Bolton faithful that talisman ‘chance fluffer’ Johan Elmander has been on top form recently, although no-one else seems to have noticed, other than the occasional ‘yeah, but he’s still not worth £11m’ (or whatever everyone is pretending the former ‘Ginger one’ paid for him) based article.

Despite this, I personally refreshed the Google News page for ‘Bolton Wanderers’ until someone had anything nice to say about us. It took well over nine months but eventually I found something (published by anyone other than Marc Iles).

It arrived in the form of the rarest of articles – one that was nice about Johan. Now, I’ve always liked Elmander, even before we signed him, but I also always found it hard to admit it in public. However in light of his recent performances, including a MOTM performance plus a brace and an assist against West Ham and another good showing in the latest home match against Stretford, where he carved out a couple of good chances, and fluffed them, I think it’s about time I was honest about it.

And so, apparently, does the media, some of it anyway. In an article from ‘epl talk’ not only was he revealed to have been purchased for £8.2m, but also had his ‘ability to worry defences‘ and ‘create chances‘, among other things. He is also referred to as ‘the likeable Swede’, which makes a pleasant change from ‘misfiring’ or ‘failing’, which may lead to the new nickname ‘TLS’. Although I seriously doubt it.

The article also alludes to the fact that Coyle is playing more attractive and creative football, and that this is the reason for Elmanders’ new found talent I mean ‘form’.

I understand that this article isn’t really from the most unbiased of sources, but I’ll take whatever I’m given now to be honest.

Elsewhere SuperKev has stated his intentions to play out his career at Bolton, and hopes for a testimonial, which I have no doubt he will get. If this goes down well I’ll work on an article for another mainstay in the Bolton first team for next week. I’ll leave the serious business to everyone’s favourite site author (Quinten X, obviously). Until next time.

(Everyone’s favourite site editor? I think I’m going to cry tears. Of Bulmers. – ed.)


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