Date: 1st September 2010 at 7:17pm
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He’s gone folks…

Evening all. Yes, take a look at the photo above as it will be the last time that Danny ‘The’ Shittu will be appearing on these pages.

The club tonight announced their 25 man squad for the forthcoming season and almost immediately announced that they had reached an agreement with the Nigerian ‘international’. Danny leaves the club with everyone’s best wishes.

And even though he was never Premier League class, he should leave with all our best wishes as well. It wasn`t his fault that the former manager thought that he could do a job when he patently couldn`t. (I`m still talking about Danny here by the way). And his twelve appearances in all competitions over the two years that he has been with the club bear testament to that.

Let`s also not forget that he cost £2million plus wages which again shows that for every Gary Cahill there is a, well, Danny Shittu. It doesn`t seem strange that they only Premier League club that he was linked with over the summer was Blackpool and that quickly and quietly dissipated. I don`t know one hundred percent the ins and outs of the transfer window but you would think that he is now a free agent and will be able to sign for another club. Word to the wise Dan. Lower your sights.

Also out of the squad is The Badger and, as I said yesterday, I think we can all guess what this means. I can`t find any official word from the club anywhere as to what has happened to him but he definitely hasn`t signed for anyone else. It would suggest though that he is also a free agent and should look for somewhere else. But he can`t have a photo, as we used that one yesterday.

Elsewhere, and on a very slow day caused by the international break, SuperJohn has been sticking it to Megson like someone with a very big sticky stick. I can`t quite put my finger on it, but there is something different to the way SuperJohn gives his views to the way Kelly`s One Eye comes across. I like the way he says that back in our day you could get away with that kind of thing, without mentioning Wolves.

And we will leave it at that for today, as I am on a visit to the north for a medical tomorrow morning and then signing for Citeh need to visit a local hostelry as we don`t get Joey Holts in the East End.

Until tomorrow.

P.s. I just got the difference between SuperJohn and One Eye. You can tell that SuperJohn’s views come from the heart whereas One-Eye’s come from looking at everyone else’s opinion and then rewriting it.


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