Date: 26th November 2006 at 3:09pm
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Prediction: Arsenal will never win another Premiership trophy with Arsene Wenger at the helm.

Oh, yes, they did well for a while. He changed the way footballers in Britain thought. He made them think about what they were drinking and eating. He revolutionised their training regimes. He made footballers behave in different ways.

Wenger’s problem is that everyone has caught him up and he’s being shown to be tactically a little behind the times.

How many times did Arsenal players whinge in the game at the Reebok yesterday? What was their problem? Was it that for most of the first half they were being taught a footballing lesson? Was it that they didn’t understand the new rules on pushing players in the chest?

Or did they take their cue from their manager, a man who is becoming a footballing has-been in English football?

Arsenal are finished. Like Liverpool, their time is over. They need to get rid of the manager and build again.

I’ll say it again, Arsenal will never again win the Premiership with Wenger in charge.

And, you know what, most Arsenal fans know it in their heart of hearts. Chelsea and United will be so far ahead of them that they’ll be fighting for the scraps.


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  • What a ridiculos article. Our problem is that your team of thugs goes into games with an attitude like they’re going to war. Football is a contact sport but it is no combat sport. Your dispicable manager want’s to take a stpe back. He’s quick enough to whinge when things don’t go his way but he thinks it’s ok to be part of the group of managers that is systematicly destroying English football.

  • Shouldnt you be more worried that your own club will never win anything!! I know that at some point in the future be it in 2007 or 2010 that arsenal will win more trophies on a very small budget. How much did bolton spend on anelka?? & you will still achieve nothing apart from being relegated in a few years time!!

  • Sorry mate but Bolton should be charged under the Trade Descriptions act for impersonating a Football team. by the way i agree With Ashberton Gooner when was the last time Bolton won anything, and more importantly when will they ever win anything with your misfits and OAP’s that nobody else wants.

  • ahhaha 3 points for the thugs and they start getting cocky. you guys cant even win the charity shield to save your lives!. oh i forgot, you guys will never be eligible to even play in that puny useless shield competition!

  • i tell you what, if you’re happy with your mob and the rubbish they play, good for you. Sorry to hear about your manager fat sam, i hear he has a cold, someone said he was bunged up. and apparently has been for a good few years. poor guy. well done on the victory, you know it wasnt deserved.

  • Spot on, Whenger has lost it, was once a highly respected manager, now everyone thinks he’s a petulant little brat that doesn’t like losing!!! hahahaha thanks for making my weekend Bolton!!

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