Date: 14th November 2008 at 1:43am
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It`s fair to say that Liverpool manager Rafa Benitez, isn`t exactly popular amongst Wanderers fans. The Spaniard is ungracious in victory, whiny when on the losing side, and has an unsavoury habit of trying influence the referee before games against Bolton.

‘They always play with the same system, and have their way of playing football. I learned a lot about their style when we played them earlier this season and lost 1-0. They played with different rules and I learned a lot. The only thing is, you want the referee to see the same thing you see this time,` he said prior to a match at Anfield a couple of seasons ago. It`s the sort of pidgin English you regret making the effort to translate.

There will no doubt be the usual chants of ‘You`re Just a Fat Spanish Waiter` from the East Stand Lower in Saturday`s lunchtime game between the two sides, but there is compelling evidence that the tubby one had a different occupation, prior to becoming a football manager. His uncanny resemblance to the shopkeeper off Mr Benn has been noted.

It`s time to fess up Rafa. And when you`ve done that, fetch us an astronaut`s outfit will you?


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