Date: 26th August 2017 at 8:18pm
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Gabe asks if the penny will drop on Wanderers’ position after last night

Coming home from a dismal performance is the icing on top of a very awful cake. Last night`s result is a reality check for everyone; the board, the manager and the fans. We clearly cannot compete with these so called ‘big teams` in the league with excessive payments for players and large wage budgets. The game really worried me, for a good twenty minutes we were run ragged, walked all over as the Tigers quite literally pounced and ripped our fragile defence apart. As the three groups of the club; the board, managing staff and players and fans we all need to take a step back and think things through.

For the board, tonight`s result clearly highlights the lack of depth and real quality of the squad. Although Phil Parkinson has recruited well under the circumstances we`re still under an embargo after all these months, a wage bill capped under an underwhelming £4,500 a week and the ownership problems don`t look any clearer. I recognise that Ken Anderson and co have done a remarkable job under the circumstances but the lack of investment and financial support makes me very anxious if we will survive. With five days left of the transfer window tonight`s performance again shows that Parkinson needs more funds in order to recruit the players he needs to keep the side in the division, but the question is can Anderson provide those extra funds? The squad is looking very raw in certain areas and at this moment in time will not be able to compete effectively in such a competitive league. If Anderson cannot fund the club sustainably, allowing the club to compete effectively the future looks bleak and an immediate return to League One looks imminent.

For the manager and players, it allows them to have a real think about the performance and ask themselves ‘did we really give 100%?` Especially from a fan`s perspective it certainly didn`t feel like that. Parkinson has accepted that how he set the team up, it was certain for disaster. Parkinson is a fond user of the 3-5-2 formation; however it clearly doesn`t suit the team or the players. We have three central defenders yet we can`t defend simple crosses in. We also have three central midfielders yet we get no sort of foothold in the game. We get overrun out wide and get punished far too easily in the central areas. Another worrying concern, we`re failing to create any clear-cut chances in too many games. At one point we weren`t scoring but were able to defend and not concede but now we`re conceding and not scoring. Hopefully this international break allows Parkinson to go back to basics and implement the same tough and gritty attitude that was seen so often in last season`s campaign.

For the fans, well it`s a real test of character for the Wanderers faithful. I shared the frustration of many others last night as I saw a weak, fatigued and pathetic Wanderers side fall to disaster. The anger and frustration was completely expected and deserved after a hard earned £30+ went to waste. It was difficult to not feel enraged after seeing Darren Pratley and others heartlessly canter around a football pitch for 90 minutes. However, to boo Pratley onto the pitch after 15 minutes I felt was harsh and unacceptable when he`s not made it on the pitch. I agree Parkinson got it completely wrong, but I personally think he`s the best hope we have in staying up. We as fans need to come together and support the team through thick and thin no matter the result, yes we can feel frustrated and angry but we need to put our trust in Parky and give him the time he needs and deserves. Parkinson has done a remarkable job under difficult circumstances and I have every faith he will turn it around. I think last night`s result is a wakeup call, we aren`t going to win every game, we`re going to lose games – we need to accept that but it`s how we as fans respond and provide the players and management the support they need no matter the result.


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