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Things We Learned From Tonight’s Open Meeting


Many turned up to the open meeting set up by the Supporters Trust this evening. Here’s a brief few things to take away from it.

There’s a lot of buck passing

The EFL have said they are a competition organiser and not a governing body. Yet they’re the ones who have a test for prospective owners, although it seems to be along the lines of “Do you have a pulse? No? Meh, you’re still in.” They also still appear to be of the opinion of that the club has access to the required funds needed to see out the season, which means they are either just plain wrong, or Ken Anderson simply doesn’t want to part with the money. Neither scenario would be surprising.

Meanwhile Anderson, Brett Warburton, Mike James, or anyone from the Davies family failed to turn up. Anderson said he’ll make a comment through the usual channels, so that’ll be a Chairman’s Note in the morning (US time zone, obviously)

Other people feel our pain

There were representatives from both Blackpool and Portsmouth’s trusts, clubs who have been right in it with mismanagement but have now come out through the other side. It does provide a bit of optimism that one day, we’ll be a normally-run football club again.

Villa game not certain to go ahead

Gerry Brough, a council officer, said the Safety Advisory Group and council have met regularly, and that they will need assurances from Anderson tomorrow or a prohibition notice will be served, just two weeks after the last one. I would expect the game to go ahead but this going from day-to-day situation is a joke.

Only two parties can put us into admin

This is quoting Terence Rigby’s comments in the liveblog over on the Bolton News, so this could be misconstrued, but it seems his understanding from reading documentation is that neither Mike James nor Brett Warburton could put the club into administration. It would be either HMRC or Moonshift.

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