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This Should Be A Brentford Preview, Instead It’s A Moan About Everything Else


We don’t know if we’ll have a game tomorrow. This nonsense was meant to be over, yet it’s unsurprising it isn’t.

Facing a second month of unpaid wages, the Bolton squad have had enough. Until they are paid, they won’t play, and they have had the backing of the PFA. How the club could be punished for not fulfilling a fixture is unknown, a fine probably wouldn’t be paid going off recent form. A points deduction is also fairly useless, unless you’re an Ipswich fan who would like the smallest of mercies that isn’t finishing bottom.

Laurence Bassini popped up on Sky Sports News earlier this evening. Some liked his passion, but it all felt a bit bizarre as he pulled out a replica shirt with his name on. He has the money ready to go he claims, but Ken Anderson, like the tumour he is, remains around, refusing to give up the share certificate that would go some way to officially sorting the takeover out. Anderson apparently wants to remain as a director, a very strange demand from a man who wanted out because he had enough abuse.

Bassini has also claimed today in other press interviews that he would spend £12-15 million on players this summer. In League One? Walk before you can run, eh?

Some say it’s never boring following Bolton, but I would suggest it’s becoming nauseating.

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