Date: 2nd February 2014 at 11:14am
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Is Dougie’s time at the Reebok up? Is it Dougie that’s the Problem?

I feel so helpless.

Frank Skinner says the way you pick the football team to support is, place a compass in a map and whichever club is nearest to where you were born, that’s the club you should support.

Your home-team, in other words.

It’s an effective logistical process, but your club has to pick you, also. What I mean by that comment is: supporting a football team/club works both ways. Even though your beloved football team is shared by thousands of other people, your club has to feel like your own personal obsession. It has to infiltrate your heart. The club inadvertently controls your actions, thoughts and emotions and you inadvertently influence what goes on on the pitch. You turn up week in week out, cheer or boo and things happen on the turf because of YOU. Or that’s what it feels like, anyway. The process is interactive. If it wasn’t, you might as well go to the cinema.

Make no mistake, Bolton Wanderers’ supporters, your club at the moment isn’t your own. It isn’t an interactive experience being a Bolton Wanderers’ fan these days and we’re helpless to influence what goes on on the pitch.

Owner, chairman, manager, players and finances have all stripped us of our club. The owner can’t inject money anymore, the chairman continues to take it; the manager is clapping his hands under water, blindfolded and the players don’t seem to be bothered. No amount of booing on a Saturday is going to change that. Our club at the moment feels like it’s been robbed from us and is in the hands of someone else. As a supporter, that’s terrifying.

I know a lot of you want Dougie to be fired, and I think if you asked Freedman himself, face to face in an unguarded room, he would admit, in normal circumstances, he should be. But these aren’t normal circumstances.

Of course, if we could afford it, it would save Wanderers from relegation and ultimately kick-start an upturn in fortunes for our football club, I’d be #freedmanout every second on Twitter until it happened- like I have that power, haha- but it obviously guarantees nothing. On the contrary, perhaps, it may make things worse.

But having said that, our loyalty doesn’t lay with Dougie. There’s no room for sentiment and even though I wish no harm to our manager, how much more time do we give the man who only seems to be taking the Whites’ on a downward spiral? Or is it actually Freedman that’s the problem?

I’m absolutely lost at the minute and I don’t see any way out of this nightmare.

If you’ve got any suggestions, please let me know…



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