Date: 13th August 2008 at 12:59pm
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Bolton Wanderers have appointed former player Tony Kelly as FLO. That`s Fans Liaison Officer in case you`re wondering. Who exactly he`s been liaising with isn`t clear, but it can`t be the ASBO brigade who were demonstrating outside the Reebok last season.

‘I’m predicting a great year for Bolton because Gary Megson has come in and done a great job. I think he deserves a great reception on Saturday and the fans have got to get behind the Chairman as well because he has backed him by giving him the money to spend.”

Clearly, he`s of the opinion that things are great. Either that, or he used to advertise Kellog`s Frosties in a previous life. (Younger readers may want to Google that one.) At least he`s finished talking about Gary Megson now. Oh no he hasn`t.

‘Everyone has got to realise that Gary Megson has done a brilliant job by keeping Bolton in the Premier League. When he comes out of the tunnel on Saturday, the fans should take the roof off.’

Kelly will be undergoing surgery on Thursday to remove his tongue from Gary Megson`s bottom and hopes to have recovered in time to attend the game against Stoke City on Saturday.

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