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Someone let Ken Anderson on the official website…

If something on any club`s official website is titled simply “Club Statement,” it`s often worth reading,
Today we saw one of the more bizarre ones. Ken Anderson stated he was unhappy at things on social media and reports from the local and national press regarding the ownership situation.

To avoid the potential of being accused of interpreting the statement, I will now press Ctrl and V to paste the exact words onto these pages:

“Unfortunately, the transparent position the Chairman has adopted has allowed constant speculation on social media as well as the local and national press. Much of this speculation has been completely unfounded and without any substance but unfortunately, despite much of the negativity aimed personally at the Chairman, it is impossible to fend off this conjecture especially when a small number of people have agendas that are not in the best interests of our football club.

However, to bring closure to this extremely unhelpful situation the Chairman has today confirmed that any ongoing discussions with investors will be terminated with immediate effect and that no further expressions of interest will be entertained for the foreseeable future.”

A bit pathetic. Sure, anyone is entitled to be unhappy about, well, anything, freedom of speech and all that, but this statement reeks of toys being thrown out of the pram. “I don`t like what`s happening so I`m not talking to anyone now.” I could imagine that being written in crayon.

I’m sure nobody referred to (except maybe for the national media, and then they’re more disinterested rather than anything) has anything against the best interests of the club. They may have things against current or prospective people in charge.

Anyway, the statements can`t help anyone. Regardless of whether budgets are prepared, as Anderson states, ceasing to entertain or even consider offers of external, additional investment can only be detrimental to Wanderers` future, because while staying up this season would be an achievement, we shouldn`t really be a club that is bobbing down the lower end of the second tier or even yo-yo-ing between the second and the third forever.

It`s effectively emotional blackmail on the fans, and it does little favour for Anderson`s reputation. While he isn`t universally popular, he does have many supporters, but man-child behaviour like that will result in him losing some of those.

Whether Anderson is unhappy or not with speculation, if you own a football club, it`s part of the territory. It`s best ignored. Grow up.

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