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Two More Weeks Of Purgatory


We live to fight another day.

Bolton Wanderers could have ceased to exist today, but in the end we were granted two further weeks by the High Court to get ourselves sorted out.

The promise is that a new ‘mystery bidder’ was on the scene, who would ‘capitalise’ the club, or in plain English, make sure all the outstanding debts were paid up, There seems to be a nagging thing that Parminder Basran and his people haven’t gone away, despite having officially done so, if club statements are to be believed.

Ultimately things won’t have been sorted out until new owners are confirmed, and we’re parading them around a pitch prior to kick-off in a forthcoming home game. But we’ve got two more weeks to sort things out, and that final deadline might, should, hopefully focus people’s minds. Surely, it’s in nobody’s interest that we go into liquidation, and the fact the court were convinced enough not to end it all today means there might be light at the end of the tunnel…

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