Date: 13th June 2010 at 8:38am
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A ‘convert’ from our friends in the city speaks….

Q: When did you become a Bolton fan and why?

I must admit I told people I supported the Scum until about 11 years of age. You have to remember I grew up in North London and Bolton were a lower league side at the time. Then one of my best mates came out the closet and confessed to being a Rochdale fan instead of Liverpool. It wasn’t that I then changed allegiance, I just got over my shame.

Q: The season just gone, good bad or ugly? What did you think of it?

UGLY. Rubbish football most weeks but the worst was the lack of unpredictability, we knew which games we would lose and with the exception of West Ham away no result surprised me.

Q. Gary Megson. Was he so bad?

No of course he wasn’t. We were bottom of the table with less points than Derby when he……..etc. He wasn’t wanted in the first place and did little to win over the fans. Based purely on points he did okay but the football was dull, though the same could be said of Allardyce, the difference being the fat one was a more colourful character.

Q. Owen Coyle. Is he some sort of messiah?

Messiah=saviour. Yes he saved us from Megson, and yes he saved us from relegation. Will he go down in the annals of our history as a great manager like Allardyce? I doubt it.

Q: Best and worst moment of last season?

Home draw against Spurs, cracking game of football. Worst? Most of the other games.

Q: Gary Cahill. Is he off? If so, what price (realistically) should Bolton hold out for? And where should he go and why?

What do I know or care?! If I have to answer then I would prefer him to go to another league for as much money as possible.

Q: What signings (type of player or specific name/s if you wish) would you like to see Bolton buy this summer? Yes, I will allow you to name Petrov.

A striker who can strike and with pace. A left sided winger, and an attacking midfielder with an eye for goal and a decent pass.

Q: Where do you stand on Kevin Davies? Has he got anything left to give?

Every manager he plays under rates him highly. What he does, he does well, maybe we should concentrate on that rather than on what he doesn’t do i.e score very often.

Q: Your opinion of Fat Phil and the board?

I think they are doing an excellent job with a smallish team in a difficult economic climate. I genuinely believe they have Bolton’s best interests at heart and deserve more respect for some strong decisions taken over the years.

Q: Favourite current player and favourite all time player/s. (This will be used for a future article)

Current player? If you push me I’d have to say Muamba for the comedy value he brings to the game. How he got to be a professional footballer is beyond me.

All time player? Andy Walker. Without him I’m sure we would not be ‘enjoying’ Premier League football. His goals got us through two divisions just at the right time and enabled us to build. Honary mentions for McGinley, David Lee, Youri, and Jay Jay of course.

Q: Do you expect progress next season? If so, where do you expect us to be? If not, where do you expect us to be?

I think we will continue to struggle and avoiding relegation again with a new look team will be classed as progress.

Q: Away from Bolton, and seeing as how it’s now on, where are England going to end up in the World Cup.

Nowhere, they will be made to look like the over hyped, over paid pre madonnas they really are.

Q: Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!

I prefer to keep the tone high.


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