Date: 14th June 2010 at 8:44pm
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Our regular contributor gives himself a late birthday treat.

Q: When did you become a Bolton fan and why?
Since the day of my birth, so that’s 18 years and 5 days. I support Bolton because it’s my local club and I wish to carry on the tradition set down by my dad. (RIP)

Q: The season just gone, good bad or ugly? What did you think of it?

It wasn’t all that bad. We got rid of Megson and got Coyle so that’s better. On the whole we’ve had an OK season. If someone offered me where we finished at the beginning of the season I would have taken it to be honest, frankly.

Q. Gary Megson. Was he so bad?

Didn’t connect with the fans very well and I felt disappointed by him. But his previous record speaks for itself, although he made a couple of good signings in Cahill and Lee

Q. Owen Coyle. Is he some sort of messiah?

Don’t know. I don’t really care who’s in charge as long as we have a manager who is passionate about the club and we get the points we’re expected to get. (Like Blackpool)

Q: Best and worst moment of last season?
Best Moment:
Bye Mr Megson
Worst Moment:
Pretty much the first half of it or losing away at Wolves probably being a low point.

Q: Gary Cahill. Is he off? If so, what price (realistically) should Bolton hold out for? And where should he go and why?

To be honest I think he’s a little overated, a bit like Carragher for Liverpool. But we should sell him to some foreign team so he can’t play us.

Q: What signings (type of player or specific name/s if you wish) would you like to see Bolton buy this summer? Yes, I will allow you to name Petrov.

Defender (if Cahill goes)
Left Back. One smaller than Robinson.
Attacking Midfielder

Q: Where do you stand on Kevin Davies? Has he got anything left to give?

Great servant to the club and was never intended to do what we fault him for (goalscoring) so he still does the job. He’s got at least another season, maybe two.

Q: Your opinion of Fat Phil and the board?

I don’t really know. We could have worse, we could have better. Just be thankful we’re not Portsmouth.

Q: Favourite current player and favourite all time player/s. (This will be used for a future article)

Modern Player:
Bibby just because he is Bolton through and through now.
Old Players:
Gudni. Enough said already.

Q: Do you expect progress next season? If so, where do you expect us to be? If not, where do you expect us to be?
I think we will be about the same next season but with a new look squad I would be fairly happy with this.

Q: Away from Bolton, and seeing as how it’s now on, where are England going to end up in the World Cup.

Not going past the group stages I’m sad to say. We should have not picked anyone from the Premier League and just sent a team full of League 2 and Conference players as they would represent the country far better.

Q: Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!

No doubt Zac Efron(High School Musical) *grits teeth* and then probably Jeremy Vine(Radio 2 Host) *Smashes table*


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