Date: 12th June 2010 at 7:05am
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A friend from the colonies answers some questions.

Q: When did you become a Bolton fan and why?

My Grandad played for the reserves when he was a lad and I was born there.

Q: The season just gone, good bad or ugly? What did you think of it?

Quite indifferent for the most part. Started as bad and ugly but got better with Coyle`s arrival. I have always admired teams that play the game the way it was meant to be played. Flowing, attacking, controlled passing. We`re heading in the right direction.

Q. Gary Megson. Was he so bad?

Maybe not as bad as most Bolton fans made out but yeah! Pretty bad.

Q. Owen Coyle. Is he some sort of messiah?

To be continued . . .

Q: Best and worst moment of last season?

Lousy memory, me. The best was probably the win over Everton. The worst was being ahead against Arsenal and then crashing 4-2

Q: Gary Cahill. Is he off? If so, what price (realistically) should Bolton hold out for? And where should he go and why?

Not worried so much about where but if Lescott`s worth $30 mil we should get similar . . . but we won`t. I`m guessing maybe 15-18 mil

Q: What signings (type of player or specific name/s if you wish) would you like to see Bolton buy this summer? Yes, I will allow you to name Petrov.

I would love to see someone like Andy Carroll. Similar to Davies and would make a good understudy. We absolutely need a pure, instinctive striker and a good replacement for Cahill if he leaves.

Q: Where do you stand on Kevin Davies? Has he got anything left to give?

Definitely! A good two seasons at least.

Q: Your opinion of Fat Phil and the board?

Well at least you didn`t bias that question much did you?
Since I`m in the USA it`s hard to profile that. From here it seems that he does what he can.

Q: Favourite current player and favourite all time player/s. (This will be used for a future article)

Currently, I would have to go with either our Blue Dragon or Super Kev. Although I think Stuart Holden has a lot to offer as does Wiltshire.
Past players: Eddie Hopkinson (best keeper ever) Gareth Williams, Jay Jay, Youri, and Lord Nat Lofthouse of course.

Q: Do you expect progress next season? If so, where do you expect us to be? If not, where do you expect us to be?

Yes, progress, progress, progress. I hope Europe but would settle for upper half if we play good football.

Q: Away from Bolton, and seeing as how it’s now on, where are England going to end up in the World Cup.

I would like to say they can win. My heart certainly thinks so. My head says semi`s or possibly the final but I think Spain will win

Q: Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!

To easy: The male to thump would be Simon Cowell (what an arrogant armpit of a man) Now to the good bit, (Please note I`m mid-fifties) that being said, I think Rhona Mitra and I make a nice fit


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