Date: 2nd September 2009 at 12:02pm
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So another transfer window closes. Can Gary Megson look back on it with satisfaction? A brief look at the players who`ve arrived might give a clue.

Sean Davis – Davis had one major advantage for the cash-strapped Wanderers. He was out of contract at Portsmouth and therefore free. He isn`t the most naturally gifted of players, but is hard working and will provide valuable experience in a youthful midfield. Think of him as Kevin Nolan without the blubber.

Sam Ricketts – Gretar Steinsson has been inconsistent since his arrival, and with Nicky Hunt persona non-grata as far as Megson is concerned, some competition was needed. Ricketts is in the same mould as Steinsson. Not bad going forward but suspect defensively. He improves squad depth, but not quality.

Paul Robinson – Jlloyd Samuel`s deficiencies in reading the game prevent him from being a truly top class performer, but he was Bolton`s most improved player last season. So it was with puzzlement that fans observed the protracted battle to land West Brom`s angry dwarf, especially as he appeared to be the number one choice at left-back. The Ginger One has now seen the error of ways and consigned his long-time buddy to bench warming duties.

Zat Knight – Opinion was divided on Knight at Aston Villa and that is set to continue. He`s equally capable of great saving tackles and gormless moments of lapsed concentration. One to delay judgment on.

Lee Chung-Yong – A first impression of the Korean is that he`s quick but needs stabilisers. But reaching any sort of verdict before the New Year is premature. He needs to learn the language, adapt to English football, get used to life at BWFC and have a few sessions on the weights. Apart from that he`ll be fine.

The Reebok has been a flair free zone since the departure of Nicolas Anelka and El Hadji Diouf. If Lee can go some to way remedying that, he`ll be a crowd favourite.

Ivan Klasnic – Employing players who`ve suffered major organ failure is nothing new at Bolton. Kalilou Fadiga once collapsed before a Carling Cup game with Spurs and had a defibrillator fitted to stop his heart doing its own thing.

Klasnic is now on his second transplanted kidney after rejecting the one supplied by his mother. He appeared to recover well and resumed the effective partnership with Miroslav Klose at Werder Bremen. If that, rather than his disappointing time at Nante, is replicated, he could be the difference between this window being judged a success or a failure.

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8 Replies to “Was it a Good Transfer Window for Bolton?”

  • Good transfer window is as much as megson said he would bring in six players and thats exactly what he did… and not bad players either (appart from Robinson obviously). Davis just needs to calm down, Knight looks better than *Shittu and A O’B, Ricketts looks like he could do an equally good job as Gretar in getting assists and Lee Chung Yong looks very promising (if not for now then deffinatly for the future). It is very positive that we brought in Klasnic who I think will score a couple and maybe show Elmander how its done.

  • I think the best you can say is that now we have unknown potential. None of the players brought in has a big enough ‘name’ for us to say that things are definitely going to get better. We are all relying on the judgement of one G. Megson. So that’s alright!

  • IF Lee Chung-Yong & Ivan Klasnic come good we will be doing OK the Brits are known quantities nothing outstanding If were honest.
    What ever it will be all for nothing if we dont start winning games.

  • I’m a bit underwhelmed by our signingsin this transfer window. We are crying out for a proven, creative midfielder yet went out for Megson’s favourites – solid Championship performers.

    Hopefully Klasnic and Chung-Yong will provide the flair but I honestly can’t see either of them becoming consistent Premiership performers.

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