Date: 27th December 2013 at 2:06pm
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Well well well! Lots of us showed up, went in the very friendly pro Barnsley pub with lots of other whites, then argued about the unallocated seats in the away end. They have fitted a roof since I was last there and now serve beer although it was disappointing not to be able to get a burger before the match. The crowd were a bit uncoordinated in the first half with lots of different chants failing to get the volume and equally failing to inspire the lads. Most of the chants were nostalgic and reminiscent memories of players of old (Campo, Hierro, Okocha, Diouf etc even Kevin Nolan got a mention!). Fortunately, it would take a very big lottery win to inspire Barnsley so we got away with playing Zat (very strange decision that). Also Mark Davies starting and no Chungy was unexpected. Of course the consistently ineffectual Joe Mason started and remained that way.

In the second half, the crowd were much improved, singing loudly and in unison. This had the effect of making Barnsley panic a lot and eventually Dannsy was able to curl a shot beyond the goalie to great delight and lots of flying beer (another quirk at Barnsley where beer was easy to smuggle up to your seat and the catering staff were easily persuaded to give you back your bottle top if you asked nicely). This also invoked the most unusual chant of “Neil Danns” over and over again in a completely tuneless way followed by “Freedman, Freedman sign him up (repeat many times)”. Is Dougie really so dim that he cannot see that Danns never stops trying and is actually pretty effective? With our luck he will extend Joe Mason and send Danns back to Leicester.

Not much football in my report but you can get that from the Bolton News. Thanks to those who responded to my post yesterday with good wishes for Mr Ecky. Can’t make it to Leicester on Sunday but with three home games to follow we could be flying high in mid table and well on the way to FA Cup mediocrity by the middle of January. Cheer up guys!

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Mr Ecky sends his best to the Vital Bolton community, he’s currently not well, he’ll be back as soon as possible and in the meantime, he’s got a staff writer to fill in for him.

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