Date: 13th December 2006 at 4:18pm
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Why on earth have West Ham appointed Alan Curbishley? Apart from him being a local boy and an ex-player, all I can see is this ending in tears.

1. Curbishley is the managerial version of magnolia paint – bland and inoffensive.
2. Has he ever managed a team that finished in the top 6?
3. Has he ever managed a team in Europe?
4. How’s he done when given money to spend?
5. Has he ever managed a team to a Cup Final?

Alan Curbishley is a nice, decent man. If you needed to borrow a lawn mower, then Curbishley would be there for you.If you needed someone to jump start your car, Alan would always have a spare set of jump leads in the boot.

The Icelandic bosses of West Ham have invested a significant amount of money in the club. They will now have two priorities.

1. Save the club from relegation.
2. Take West Ham to the next level.

Alan Curbishley will achieve the first. He cannot achieve the second.

I’m guessing that he’ll be sacked within 18 months.


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