Date: 2nd May 2007 at 2:59pm
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The forthcoming game between West Ham and Bolton is vital to both clubs. The Wanderers need a win to maintain their push for Europe, the Hammers to avoid relegation. The last time West Ham were in a such a predicament, it was between them and Bolton for the final relegation spot – a fact that hasn`t been forgotten by portly, West Ham supporting doughnut addict, Martin Samuel.

Writing in the Times, lardy boy states that, “In 2003, when West Ham were last relegated, Bolton Wanderers survived in part because of Sam Allardyce`s astute use of the loan system. Players such as Iv├ín Campo, Salva Ballesta, Bernard Mendy and Florent Laville kept Bolton up, home-grown English players such as Joe Cole went down and were lost to West Ham soon after. No one cared about a rogue system then.”

The quote is part of a ludicrous attempt to justify West Ham`s sordid transfer dealings with Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano. Whilst Samuel acknowledges the wrong doing by the East London side, the attempt to deflect attention from it, is shameful.

Bolton didn`t use a rogue system. The loans were all above board and correctly documented. It was a clever way of allowing an under resourced club to field a strong side, whilst not risking their financial well-being in case relegation did happen. That West Ham had to sell their under-performing over-paid players after going down is a testament of how not to run a club that`s struggling.

Nice try fatso, but get your facts right.


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