Date: 29th September 2014 at 7:39pm
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Should Dougie get sacked? Debate here

So, I’m going to keep this post very simple.

We’re in a terrible position in the league table.

Fans, in general, feel completely unattached to their club and our protesting against the management.

Our team looks tactically very shaky.

Several players have put in questionable performances, though still hold down a place in the squad while others have not been given the chance.

Our manager has had to work under very difficult financial constraints.

Our manager’s win percentage is very similar to that of his at his former club from which we hired him.

Now with that in mind, let’s discuss what we actually think the problem is.

Questions are being asked of the manager, chairman, owner and players but who really is to blame?

How can we solve these problems?

I think it would be good to have a debate on this in the comments. I’ve been running a poll in the last few days which suggests that the majority of you think that he should be removed from his post.

We always have to look at possible reasons for his failure, whether he is responsible for it and what might happen when he is sacked.

Same should apply to the higher levels of management such as the roles of Phil Gartside and co.

Anyway, leave your thoughts below- I think it’ll prove to be an interesting and possibly one-sided debate.


6 Replies to “What Do You Think?”

  • If the job at Bolton is harder than Mr. Freedman thought maybe he could ask Bruce Rioch or Jimmy Armfield or Colin Todd for some advice. They could all win games and play attractive football at the same time.
    I am afraid Mr. Freedman has little or no idea about either. We must change manager now before he takes us down to division 1 .

  • 2 players, 2 positions:

    My problem with Dougie is this. When he does eventually find a formula that works ( not often I know ) he dismisses it if it doesn’t truly fit with his ridiculous anti football formula. The above title refers to two such situations. Please forgive me but I can’t remember specific games but on two separate occasions last year he played players in, what I believe to be their best roles, they, thus controlled the game, put in match winning performances and then, in the next game went back to roles where they didn’t perform at their best. I am referring to Chris Eagles in the number 10 role and Tim Ream in the central holding midfield role. eagles always looked a better player in a creative role rather than as a winger. He played this role on a few occasions under Coyle and looked great but I only remember Dougie playing him there once, probably because the role is so far away from his philosophy of only defending unless absolutely necessary. Again, with Ream, he played in the holding role once and looked so good it seemed obvious he would play there every game with his ability to break up play and pick out a great pass but oh no, Dougie had other ideas.

    I really do not understand the mans logic. I’m sure many will disagree with me but I genuinely believe this is why he fails. He does not like to switch away from his ridiculous ideals even when he finds a formula that truly works.

  • When considering whether we should sack a manager, there are a few things to consider, in my opinion.

    Obviously the obvious things like conduct and results are the first things that come to mind. Dougie has conducted himself very professionally despite getting poor results so there’s no problem there. Results are what the manager is judged on and just 7 wins at home in 12 months isn’t particularly great form. If it was just down to results then you would sack him.

    However, it isn’t all about results. You have to worry about where the club is going. What the new man can do better.

    Freedman hasn’t had a transfer budget of any real size. If he had he would have definitely bought Craig Dawson and the Juke and who knows we might have been back in the Premiership by now. Sure he’s brought in bit part players and ones that he new from his Palace days. Then again, he couldn’t afford the real quality Palace players who would have made the difference, having to settle on average players like Moxey.

    No the real problem as far as sacking the manager is concerned is not the sacking, it’s how the hell do you SELL bwfc to a new prospective manager. As I have said we have no transfer budget. BWFC will also be paying their manager mediocre wages as debts are increasing all the time and rumour has it the club is going to close the hotel and have failed to pay one of it’s suppliers. The only way to sell the club is training facilities – some of the best in the Championship or so we are told – and job security.

    Yes job security. The fact that the club will keep you there whilst all the fans are throwing in the towel is what will attract a better quality manager to the club. Two years might not seem a lot but it is a long time in football compared to what other managers get at other clubs and that will encourage people to apply.

    So I suggest we keep Freedman until the two years is up at least, ideally change in the summer. That will give us time to recruit the proper person, i.e. one that has actually applied for the job and not one who has been head hunted on the back of a fag packet.

  • He is a Manager with inexperience and therefore realising that this football management thing is harder than he thought.
    On another point Dougie’s record at Crystal Palace is almost identical to his record here so we re getting what we paid or !!

  • Football management is a hard old game, Freedman has been given enough time to show what he can do. Unfortunately the situation gets worse every week. Of course if he is sacked – Gartside is still there. The alternative to not sacking him is
    to face up to relegation. If that meant that Gartside went – it might just be worth it to make a fresh start

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