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Who Knows What Happens Tomorrow?


Bolton Wanderers will be case number 39 tomorrow – which should mean our latest moment of reckoning will be at some point between 10.30am and 11am.

Who knows what will happen? Two weeks ago we were handed a reprieve, seemingly on the proviso that in the two weeks we’d sort things out and have a buyer. No deal has been completed in that time, which would give Hilary Stonefrost some task tomorrow.

Whether Anderson can take a last minute deal from Laurence Bassini, or a last minute miracle from a returning Parminder Basran, or even this Naeema Khilji who has claimed to be on the scene…there’s far too much uncertainty as to how this will play out.

And even if we are under new ownership this time tomorrow, damage seems to have been done as regards the next two home games, with a prohibition notice served against the stadium. Whether this means the fixtures simply aren’t fulfilled, or whether they’re played behind closed doors, there are no precedents.

What a mess.

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