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Who Will Bolton Play First? Does It Matter?


Tomorrow is a key day as far as the summer goes. The fixture list is released and we know who Bolton will face first next season, as well as the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, you get our drift.

As usual, people are guessing and in some cases even claiming who we play first, but does it even matter? People obviously have their personal reasons as fans why they would want us to play a certain team on a certain week, which is absolutely fine, but from a footballing point of view, it shouldn’t really make a difference. In the end, you play every other team in the league home and away and the other 23 teams have to do exactly the same.

One giant caveat to that is the final game of the season when there is no room for manoeuvre. Would we have pulled off our heroics of May at the City Ground? Unlikely. I’d definitely want a home game. The rest can be in whatever order you want, particularly in the Championship when you can’t be 100% certain who is going to be good and who won’t be.

Still, the revealing of the fixtures makes it all that more ‘real.’ Six weeks on Saturday* everyone.

*Unless Sky says otherwise.

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