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Why I Won’t Be Wishing Luca Connell All The Best


I do feel this may be a bit late given how the Bolton Wanderers News Cycle has moved today – and the fact that heads of terms have been agreed with “nobody is allowed to say Football Ventures but everyone knows that it is” is great news, but I would still like to write about this morning’s news of Luca Connell’s departure.

Connell was unveiled as a Celtic player this morning, 24 hours after the administrators had initially blocked a request for him to tear up his contract, having not being paid.

For once, blame can lie with the player here. It reads from the administrators’ statement that Celtic have paid more than they could have got away with, so no gripe there. They may have ‘tapped him’ up but that’s the reality of all transfers, it’s not uncommon for clubs to strike a deal or check a player is interested before his current club is contacted.

What doesn’t sit well is how Connell, having played half a season of professional football, or this could be his agent in fairness, has tried to overtly force an exit using that 14-day clause at a time where a club that has developed him over a decade could really do with the money. Celtic are getting a good young player, and not for one second am I going to turn around and say a move to Celtic isn’t a move up – think what you what about Scottish football as a whole, but Celtic would beat us most times, they’ll pay him more, and he even gets European football up to a point, but will I wish him luck? Nah.

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