Date: 6th June 2010 at 4:16pm
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It seems it has been the primary function of this site to stick it to the Mirror Football team in the past, primarily for their sloppy journalism and backing of the former manager when none was warranted. Since the change of editor we have tried to shy away from that, give them some time to impress us. Hey, we even ignored their end of season report when they named Sean Davis as the worst signing of the season as “he made four appearances before being sent off at Liverpool at the end of August and hasn’t figured since.” (Note 1. It was at The Reebok. Note 2. He had a season ending injury. David Anderson there proving what had been said about him all season).

Now, in an EXCLUSIVE they say that Gary ‘Gaz’ Cahill is set to make a move to North London but not to the club we all thought he might. Apprently Honest Harry wants Cahill as cover (that’s COVER) for his defensive duo of King and Dawson and will offer Alan Hutton as part of a swap deal. There are a few things wrong with this story. First, and probably most important, why would Cahill want to move as cover when he is looking to improve his England chances, not decrease them by sitting on the bench? Second, didn’t Honest H. tell his own club magazine only last week that he wasn’t interested in the player? And third, Alan Hutton?

The author of this article is called Steve Stammers. And I will leave it there.

While we are talking about former northern based papers who should remember where they came from, The Grainuads World Cup Preview from yesterday went through the teams and the players to watch. Humourously, under the banner “There’s Always Bolton” they went through the players who may be tempted to go the Premier League’s lesser lights.

I refer you to yesterday’s article (ten years in the top division, ten teams that have been in the league less time than we have etc) and wish for the day that David James is warming our bench as a back up to the great Jussi Jaaskelainen. Or as third choice behind Splinters Al Habsi.

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  • Papers have some useless cretins working(?) for them. We have our local rag doing the same. Once they start lying they just don’t know how to stop.

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