Date: 11th June 2010 at 8:11pm
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Your chance to get involved and allow the editor to put his feet up during the World Cup.

Do you fancy answering some questions regarding your support for The Wanderers?

Here then is your chance to tell us something about your Bolton Wanderers history.

Why? Because when we’re doing a live blog about Frank Worthington on Come Dine With Me, you know there isn’t much to write home about.

Simply answer the following questions and email to

I retain the right to edit, remove bad language etc & would implore you to use I instead of i and capital letters for the start of players names.

Q: When did you become a Bolton fan and why?

Q: The season just gone, good bad or ugly? What did you think of it?

Q. Gary Megson. Was he so bad?

Q. Owen Coyle. Is he some sort of messiah?

Q: Best and worst moment of last season?

Q: Gary Cahill. Is he off? If so, what price (realistically) should Bolton hold out for? And where should he go and why?

Q: What signings (type of player or specific name/s if you wish) would you like to see Bolton buy this summer? Yes, I will allow you to name Petrov.

Q: Where do you stand on Kevin Davies? Has he got anything left to give?

Q: Your opinion of Fat Phil and the board?

Q: Favourite current player and favourite all time player/s. (This will be used for a future article)

Q: Do you expect progress next season? If so, where do you expect us to be? If not, where do you expect us to be?

Q: Away from Bolton, and seeing as how it’s now on, where are England going to end up in the World Cup.

Q: Right, lets lower the tone… which celebrity would you most like to bang and which (male I would think) celeb would you most like to thump!?!


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