Date: 3rd May 2019 at 10:22pm
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It’s got to a point where we can probably say we’ve now had it worse than any other league club.

No matter how bad the situations at Portsmouth, Coventry, Blackpool and the like ever got, they always managed to fulfil their fixtures. We haven’t. Ken Anderson has failed ton even do that now. Weirdly, Sunday’s match at Forest does go ahead. Yes, the PFA have loaned the players some money, and at the end of the day it’s entirely their choice to play or not, but it’s hardly Anderson putting the money in.

Meanwhile the Brentford game has been binned permanently, the Bees being handed a 1-0 win, which feels like a reprieve from us considering if we’d have actually played the match, we probably would have lost by more. Joking aside, this could mean a bigger penalty next season. The best case scenario, administration, would carry a 12 point penalty, while a failure to play our final home game could mean a further points deduction. The Sun (yeah I know) reckon we could be starting around -20 next season. At some point it must be considered whether the EFL are veering from punishing a team appropriately, to punishing them to a point where it genuinely puts prospective bidders off.

So what happens next. We play on Sunday, it’s a bank holiday weekend, then we’ll either go into administration on Tuesday or we are liquidated on Wednesday. Surely it’s come down to that now.


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