Date: 15th March 2014 at 5:41pm
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Reebok Stadium



Attendance: 15,336

Referee: Duncan

Bolton Brighton
Buckley (13, 65)
Bogdan Kuszczak
Hutton Bruno
Baptiste Ward
Spearing Ince
Wheater 80 Greer
Ream Dunk
Kamara Stephens
Trotter 52 Forster-Caskey
Jutkiewicz Ulloa
Mason Buckley 70
Lee 72 Lingard 81


Hall 52 Brezovan
Knight Rodriguez 81
Moritz 72 Calderon
Danns 80 Chicksen
Vela Lopez
Lee-Barrett LuaLua
Threlkeld March 70

Game Statistics

21 Goal attempts 14
3 On Target 5
12 Corners 1
7 Fouls 12
0 Yellow Cards 0
0 Red Cards 0
45 % 55

13 Replies to “Stats: Bolton v Brighton”

  • its looking like we are giving up , unable to muster the emotion of opinion that has fired us up to now. Fred’s comeback has slumped, I have been acutely absent, my good friend and foe Moonpig seems to be struggling, its an anti climax moment. I cannot find the energy to attack DF or PG anymore, akin to repeatedly beating a dead cat, its well dead, let it go, move on, take up flower arranging summer is approaching. What about your beloved BWFC, what about them ? apologies, I am tired, the fire is going out, if PG and DF are happy ruining the team the club, let them get on with it, they are sure doing a better job taking us backwards rather than forward. Happy Easter to everyone. I do hope to read whatever Moonpig has to say

  • It is pretty dispiriting. What happened yesterday? We looked like the team chasing right from the off and Brighton controlled throughout. Annoyingly we also had several good chances and near misses in both halves despite being largely on the back foot – enough to have ( undeservedly ) won. Both goals were defensive calamities. Too much tinkering upsetting the balance again? Whatever it was Dougie was out-Dougied by a team whose performance he would surely seek to emulate.

  • A lot of good work undone yesterday – yes we created lots of chances and were unlucky not to score in the first half, but yet again the mental attitude of the players was sorely lacking. There was no determination, no fire in the belly, and as soon as they received a set back they seemed to give up – when Brighton’s second went in the heads dropped, and they lost interest despite what was actually a decent backing from the crowd for once when losing! That said, the referee and his assistants had a particularly inept performance, and the tactics were wrong for breaking down a well organised Brighton side who were ultimately worthy winners. Is Freedman the man to motivate the team to Championship glory (the top half) next season? I’m seriously starting to think not.

  • Not a chance in hell Jay Jay. I am speechless that once cornered he lifted the shackles and found a system providing the back to back wins and lifting the gloom not to mention saving his job. Then the tinkerbell returns- chop, change, chop,drop,tactics, over analysis, and yep you guessed it it all falls apart. 4 wins at home is a DISGRACE for our club, end of. It is as you were now. We are safe but only just. We MUST reassess in the summer. He MUST go. He is a FAILURE.

  • It is a real shame the lack of interest being shown here and it is symptomatic of the club in general. I thought we had them on the back foot to be fair until they got a lucky goal. However the team then looked frightened and lost. Unable to make two passes stick, my biggest and only criticism of DF is the poor substitutions. CYL is poor, very poor. He was by far our worst player from start to finish against Brighton and he should have been taken off at half time but for some reason DF left him on. He needs to be more bold but seems to also be frightened to make decisions. With regard to the changes I think most were forced but I don’t understand why Danns didn’t play.LLet’s hope for a return to fortune at Yeovil.

  • Gav you’re right, Chungy was poor throughout. But he was nowhere near as bad as Trotter. So far, I have applauded Dougie’s loanees, but I just can’t fathom what he sees in him. He seems to jog about aimlessly. God knows what he is supposed to be doing. Maybe he doesn’t know himself.I thought dropping Danns for him was an absolute disgrace, but typical of our manager. Again, like you I thought we were unlucky not to get at least a point. But, Brighton did make us realise how far we have to improve to match the top teams.

  • Danns and Davies were both exhausted after the previous match. Danns rested and Davies had to be helped onto the bus apparently. That system doesn’t work without those two but we can’t risk playing them when they’re not fit and losing them both for the rest of the season. Brighton were exceptional in defence and taught us a lesson. Hopefully when those two are back we’ll get back on the winning run again.

  • Rob, if you are correct in your assumption about Danns then the manager needs to get that message across somehow to the fans on the terrace. There were some puzzled and angry individuals around me on Saturday when they saw the team sheet. Because he seems to have a penchant for tinkering, people fear the worst when it comes to team selection.

  • It’s not like DF can walk around the stands and tell everyone individually why a certain player has or hasn’t been selected. That’s what the press conference is for, but being a lowly Championship club we don’t get a proper pre-match one, everything only comes out after the fact.

  • Trotter was poor Barney you are correct. I think I just noticed CYL more as we expect better from him. Rob I agree that tired players should be rested. I find it leaves a bad taste though if that is the only reason Davies was absent. He has only been back a relatively short time. I was under the impression he was ill. I do expect better next week, we were very unlucky and their defence and keeper were very good. All that said DF does tinker too much and still won’t make early enough substitutions when it isn’t working.

  • We dont have the benefit of seeing the players in training every day, we dont know their fitness levels, we dont know who is affected by this illness in the camp – so all the comments about ‘tinkering’ etc could be complete speculation, he may have no choice but to make those changes. The squad overall still needs work, i think it is time for Lee to leave, hope he has a good World Cup and a £3m+ move would be best for all parties, Trotter needs to show a bit more desire, he is no longer the main man and needs to put himself about more, should have done better with his chance. Hall needs to impose himself more, he can make things happen but needs to demand the ball, back up for Davies is required, someone who thinks outside of the box with their passing, could Vela be the one? – without this link we leave Juke and Mason very isolated. Overall we had 21 attempts, more than we have had in pretty much every game this season, yet only 3 on target, Baptiste and Wheater brought good saves from the keeper, Medo clipped the bar, Mason was inches from Juke and/or the bottom corner and one disallowed incorrectly, one of those goes in and its a totally different story, they scored at the right times but luck played a big part in both, wonderful save from Bogdan then an equally outstanding finish from Buckley and then Medo turned provider for the second. After that Brighton did a very professional job in seeing the game out and showed why they are play off contenders, unspectacular but solid and clinical. We are still some players short in areas but i thought Baptiste did well on the left, Hutton improved second half and i liked the way he thought about his passes instead of just swinging in a cross, he looked for the movement of Mason and others showing a bit more intelligence than Lee who’s end product was very poor. Like Rob says there is no way everyone can be told about the status of each player in advance and it would be stupid to do that as it lets the opposition know exactly who and how we will play, that does not help the team. I think people are focusing too much on ‘tinkering’ being the reason for not getting results. If we have illness, injury, unfit players, suspensions then we need a squad, to keep the squad happy then you need to involve other players at some point to keep the harmony and motivation that you have a chance to get into the team. We have some work to do and the rebuild will continue, we have shown signs of improvement and in games like that i would be a lot more concerned if we werent creating chances but we had 21 of them which shows we did have some attacking influence on the game. I could go on all day about points that have been made a million times before but there will always be other opinions and nothing anyone says will make all BWFC fans think alike in this current situation.

  • Turns out that illness rather than exhaustion was the reason Mavies didn’t play. Quite impressed they managed to get him back to fitness in time as he’s never been the healthiest player, only to lose him at the 11th hour to illness on the Friday night. Here’s hoping he’s back for the next one. I still think we were taught a harsh lesson in how to defend – Brighton were ruthless in a way we haven’t been since the Big Sam days when their goal was threatened – but I think we still did well to create so many chances against the Championship’s meanest defence. I know I keep banging on about it but I really can’t wait for all OC’s overpaid rubbish to leave the club this and next summer so we can see what calibre of player DF can magic up from other teams’ reserve squads when his hands aren’t tied behind his back.

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