Date: 16th February 2013 at 7:42pm
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Nottingham Forest
1 – 1
Bolton Wanderers

City Ground

nPower Championship

16 Feb 2013

Attendance: 24,409

Referee: Stroud

Nottingham ForestBolton Wanderers
Reid (59)C Davies (77)
CohenM Davies
MajewskiCY Lee65
Cox84De Ridder58


McGugan81C Davies

Game Statistics

14Goal attempts4
12On Target4
1Yellow Cards4
0Red Cards1

20 Replies to “Stats: Nottingham Forest v Bolton Wanderers”

  • bad stats, another poor performance from a team with problems. The facts do not lie, 4 shots on goal and 3 corners is dreadful Freedman is making things worse not better, I would not trust him to run a bath let alone a football team, no wonder Palace did not offer him a contract and they were at the top of the league – what does that tell you ?

  • Pedro – your smiling banter in the face of adversity is great to see and Boltongav – your compassion would put mother teressa to shame, I worry when those around me feel the decisions/ attitudes of those in charge of the club are both acceptable and understandable when the facts tell another story. Far to many supporters are passing off our demise as an inevitable fall from grace, which is the same as excusing failure, such an attitude encourages more failure leading to perpetual decline. Last season more than ever highlighted the critical importance of getting a result by any means ( we were relegated by ONE point !) it further exposed the damaging impact whenever our manager claimed our performance was acceptable when we where not winning – how can the players be expected to fight for victory when they know the manager will excuse defeat. Winning is everything and nothing else other than a winning mentality forged from steel is acceptable. Freedman is guilty of the same, by excusing the teams failure he is really attempting to excuse his own failure, Coyle did it for 2 years and everyone swallowed his bile, are we to sit back and watch the same charade unfold before us once again – it certainly looks like it. Dont be fooled by anything other than our results as influenced by our managers impact on the team, the facts show Freedman is no better than Coyle, in fact worse, regardless of what others may choose to say to the contrary. I cannot remember last when we had a manager with the honest guts to tell the press, that performance was totally unacceptable and will not happen again, heads will roll watch this space.

  • Looking at replays the “miracle”, “world class” saves that Boggy was being praised for by Tower FM commentators were ordinary and if he was a half decent keeper he should have got down for the goal – his two main faults – not getting down quick enough and not commanding his area and leaping for crosses or corners as per the perfect example given to him by the Burnley keeper . Lonergan should be given a chance. At least he gets down quickly.

  • Pedro – Bogdan has always been 3rd rate, the tactical brilliance of Gartside & Coyle saw fit to sell El Habsi to Wigan for £4 million, which in turn kept Wigan in the premiership, while giving Bogdan the 1st team gloves led to our relegation at a cost of £50 million due to hit £120 million – you could not make this ineptitude up if you tried, literally everything decided upon in the last 2 plus years has been an unmittigated disaster, yet the man still draws his £500,000 salary, at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask on his face.

  • i don’t know how anyone who wasn’t at the match can say how well bogdan did, considering it only showed three off his saves on MOTD’s crap cousin. well i guess every team that isn’t in the top 8 in the prem are doomed and no fan should bother to go too any matches. bogdan’s contribution too the team was massive wen he overtook jussi. (i wanted AL habsi but of course we should never sell a player to our rivals, but when that decision was made, very few thought we were going to be in a relegation battle.) the season we were relegated, the second half was considerably better, and it isn’t a coincidence that it coincided when bogdan was in net. bogdan rating so far is spectacular nor is it terrible he has made more save then the team at the top of the table. and you clearly don’t read any articles on dougie’s interviews or any article’s about the team, you have been moaning for the last few weeks on his team selections and dougie has been giving explanations to pretty much every comment you have made. and EVERY manager always says that their team put in a good performance, the last thing you want is to ***** of the players who are kicking the ball on the the pitch, if he doesn’t like how the players are doing he’ll tell them personally or not choose them. but it’s incredibly unprofessional for a manager to slag his team off, unless it’s deserved e.i semi final at wembley comes to mind.

  • Bowton, the fact that Bogdan has made more saves than the top teams proves how crap the defence is. The top teams play better and have more possession, therefore the keeper works less. I’d rather he made no saves per game…. and if you think that Dougies team selections are justified then you must be a relative. I starting to warm to Aussie mike……..

  • Bowton – I am pleased you share my view on El Habsi, who was battling Juski for the jersey when we sold him, certainly our best goalie. It was undefendable to let him go to Wigan, the home game last season against Wigan we lost – El Habsi won it for them with some fabulous saves – 2 points lost and fate later relegates us by 1 point – how ironic and how that decision came back to bite our club with the terrible repercussions thereafter, yet everyone simply brushes it under the carpet as if there is no accountability and thats the trouble at our club, no one stands up to take the blame, not the chairman, the manager, or the players. The last time Gartside opened his mouth was 5 months back when he sacked Coyle ” promotion must happen this season our financial security depends on it ” we now hover just above the relegation spots and he is nowhere to be seen – he reminds me of the captain of the ship that sank in the mediteranian ( elcardia ? ) he ran off leaving the passengers to their fate. As for Freedman I simply question the validity of a manager who praises team performance when it is actually poor and not acceptable, there is no place for excuses if you want to improve and succeed on the pitch – that is my point. Alex Ferguson tells it how it is and so do the best club managers, Freedman has now presided over something like 15 games won 3, drawn 6, lost 6, that is poor in anyones eyes, there has been no improvement – I truly wish things were different but they aren’t

  • yeah my point exactly the defence were crap and there is slight improvement to the structure, which is why i don’t understand why bogdan is continuously used as a scapegoat and get so much flack. holden, wheater, mills, medo, aren fit so they were never gonna play, kev had an off game but is still currently are highest scorer for our strikers, every game hes played he has completely dominated the defense in the air, bar that game and i think two others . when sordell and ngog have started on their own they haven’t done much either. mavies should not of playing, the only change i would of made would be that vela should of started ahead of him. going all out guns blazing with ngog and craig may of worked, it didn’t work playing are strongest strikers when we got relegated and it certainly hasn’t worked at the beginning of this year either. (on a side note, we didn’t even get beat, we moved up a place.) he was going for the same strategy that worked against burnley but we couldn’t keep hold of possession and they continually took shots at us which is why i think vela would of made the difference. and i personally don’t think he needs to justify himself to anyone, he left crystal palace in a terrific place in the table with allot of assets, something that we have never had not even under allardyce apart from rickkets and i suppose anelka…and looking at the comment at the top, fabricating stuff doesn’t justify or strengthen opinions, this idea that palace didn’t renew his contract is mental.

  • it’s allot easier for a manager to say what they want in charge of one of the best teams in the world. take for instance rednapp at tottenham could say what he wanted and we all lapped it up, vying him to be the next england manager, now at qpr he just seems like a cockney hermit. even coyle. the way he spoke was infectious when we were riding high in fifth with a semi final on the way, towards the end of his tenure, you could strangle him everytime he said barlays premier league. he didn’t change how he conducted himself or the answers he gave. it’s allot easier when your winning.

  • But remember Bowton, we were informed on signing Freedman (by a Palace fan) that he was threatened with the sack if he didn’t start playing attacking football, after he had lost the first 3 games playing too defensive. Like I said at the time, we should have threatened him with the sack as soon as he put pen to paper….

  • its good that we all hold different opinions, the common bond being we all want our club to play well, improve and be successful. The club remains far more important than anyone individual, be that a manager or player. I know many fans think DF is doing a good job and should be given plenty of time. His record here has not been good to date, with little improvement seen, though that might change with a full strength squad available, remember Coyle faced the same problems last July, as did Philips who produced by far the best results over his 6 games in charge. Its true that Palace were holding back on renewing his contract and it could be debated the success Palace have enjoyed this season is down to the good young players in the team rather than the abilities DF displayed, after all its the players who produce the goods, we have gambled on players this last few years who have not met our expectations, so the gambles never really paid off for us, well not as yet but that could change – we hope N’Gog improves and Holden, etc return as good as before, etc ?

  • its frustrating when the press say. Holden, Medo, Wheater, etc are ready for 1st team action but don’t get selected, either we have bad information or DF prefers staying loyal to the current 11 who keep on failing. Tomorrows game will be a good test as Derby have improved since they played here early on. I cannot see how SKD warrants more chances DF must surely throw a new line up on from the start, others have suggested C.Davies & Sordell or N’Gog – an attack with more pace and Holden with Meto in midfield – I am all for a good shake up, it is long overdue as is a damn good performance with goals and 3 points.

  • mike couldn’t agree more, opinions are great and it’s great to have them on vital, and i’ve been a daily viewer for the last three years or more and it seems there are more comments than ever, unfortunately it seems at the cost of our league positions. never the less i enjoy reading them even though some comments i just can’t comprehend why they have been said. i think it is easy to get rattled and be angry everyday at bolton you have nothing to loose when you comment on issues when we loose you (at this point mike, you is everyone in general i guess) feel a sense of righteousness, when we win…so what we have won a bloody game, but when will pessimists ever be happy? my father is one, it never seems like he will be evr happy unless bolton are in the prem winning things. i love football, and bolton but not at the expense of my sanity and it’s very easy to let it ruin your week. the semi final ruined a good four months for me. (being a bolton fan should come with a health warning at birth or a security plan!)

    I dont believe for a second about him being sacked. their is no proof at all, no manager is determined after three games after he had stopped them being relegated. i feel there is allot of contradiction happens at times on this site with comments. yeah of course it’s the players who kick the ball on the pitch but when i was reading your comments last year when you were crying for coyle to get the sack because he didn’t have a clue (even though horrific injuries from our main players cut the quality of the squad hugely and one player actually died for a brief moment.) now that dougie has built up a truly talented squad over at palace, he ( the manager, the person who doesn’t kick the ball.) has nothing to do with their success considering he has been their for 20 years as a player, youth coach and manager bringing through and nurturing the squad they have at the moment.

    on the issue of papers printing who s fit or not, i think it’s the interpretation of words more than anything, when they say are player is fit that could mean that they have recovered from their injury instead of us, me included thinking that they could do a full 98 minutes.

    and this notion of REAL FOOTBALL is interesting coyle played better free flowing attacking football and it got us relegated. you could swap tens of matches where we got beat on a counter where we had no structure at the back or deep in the middle for a draw, we had a total of two draws i think, the year we went down. yet there was so much moaning that the team was frail…there is no point discussing the ins and out of this question, we would all love to see bolton play like swansea but i would sooner see us in the prem if i’m honest, and the results help if you don’t get beat which dougie is doing just that at the moment. i hope this is easy to read it’s quite difficult to go back and check mistakes on a comment this big.

  • oh and i would love too see craig davies start with ngog and winning more games obviously, but the quality of the squad that dougie took over was completely out off proportions, the fact that we were all thinking a prem team should not be in this position tells you the horrid truth it just wasn’t a prem team that wasn’t good enough and i’m happy to see the improvement that dougie has brought in both in structure, belief and transfers. and phillips had three games in charge 1 loss 1 win 1 draw i dn’t know how you can determine his quality over that mike. (i wanted him at first to be manager but i think i would still want dougie in charge.)

  • Just give the guy some patience, if this time next year were in this position, well i will be joining you and you can all say i TOLD YOU SO!!! and we can all be miserable together.

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