Date: 23rd March 2011 at 12:11pm
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JOB and GJM. Back together for a farewell tour.

‘Reunited and it feels so good.

Reunited ‘cuz we understood

There’s one perfect fit and sugar this one is it

We both are so excited ‘cuz we’re reunited, hey hey’

Morning all. International break time so not of the much going on. But there were the dulcet tones of Peaches and Herb, with their hit from 1979, “Reunited”. And as Joey O’Brien wings his way over the snake pass this morning, the song will undoubtedly be playing on his cd. As well as some Foster and Allen and a bit of The Fureys and some Pogues.

JOB was pulled out of the reserves 5-1 win over Bury last night and is expected to sign for Sheffield Wednesday on loan before the loan window closes on Thursday. This will, of course, see him come under the wing of Sheffield’s favourite gardener, currently wowing Hillsborough with a 16.6% win ratio, his worse record ever as a manager.

JOB is out of contract at the end of the season and, you would expect, be following the likes of Ricardo Gardner (shame…) and Tamir Cohen (not so much…) out of the club. He has had a wretched time with injury and a loan move to a League One club will do him good. But, at the age of 25, it is difficult to see what he can offer the club. Earlier on in his career he went on loan to Wednesday, but their situation then, when they were promoted to the Championship, was a lot better than it is now, stuck in the relegation mire, four points above the line and struggling for goals, let alone points.

Reminds you of our recent history, doesn’t it?

Whilst trying to shy away from Gary Megson and his travails in South Yorkshire, he remains the gift that just keeps on giving. Wishing JOB all the best if he goes, and it is a shame for Wednesday fans, but a little bit of me is starting to hope they go down, as it will save other clubs from the dreadful spectre of the ‘Ginger Mourinho’.

The club hope to have Mark Davies back for the Birmingham game, after he was pulled out of the U-21 squad. Davies will now ‘step up’ his recovery process, leading you to ask if his recovery process was stagnant before he was pulled out. This brings to mind the image of some George Clooney type medico, telling him to ‘go and put your foot up Mark, Stu and Fab will hold the line’ then regretting it twenty four hours later when Stu comes in with blood gushing from his knee wound and having to shout ‘Get Mark Davies into a stepping up regime, stat’.

As for Stu, his surgery went well, although he ignored my invitation for a friendly pint down the Bow Road while he was down. Probably because we don’t sell Bud Light in the UK.

Speaking of Bud Light, today is mine and Mrs X’s first wedding anniversary. Yes, this time last year we were getting ready to walk down the aisle of the Graceland Wedding Chapel to the sound of the 4pm Elvis singing ‘Love Her Tender’. As she was getting made up by quite possibly the gayest hairdresser in Vega$, I was in the casino, sipping a cool one. So, we’re off ‘up west’ as they say in EastEnders.

Back tomorrow. Probably with a large hangover. ‘Til then.


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