Date: 1st May 2012 at 7:21pm
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Fabrice Muamba will be on the pitch tomorrow night for more time than Paul Robinson and Gregg Wylde put together.

Evening all. Yes, evening. Wanna make something of it? Some of us have got jobs y’know. And I did two articles yesterday. It’s not easy this writing lark, staying ahead (or slightly behind) the game. It’s a cut throat business in the Bolton Wanderers blogging world and let me tell you, when we all get together for our end of season bash there are no prisoners taken. Just bear that in mind if you think about starting one yourself. Voice of Bolton would kill you soon as look at you.

We’re all friends really, and so we will all be lauding the confirmation that Fabrice Muamba will, indeed, come onto the pitch shortly before kick off tomorrow night. This will not make Mrs X Snr happy as it will mean having to set off five minutes earlier, but these are the sacrificies you have to make if you give birth to a Bolton Wanderers fan and she has had a long time to figure out that that is not going to change.

I dare say that there will be some tears shed as he waves to the crowd, maybe more tears than would be shed if we go down. This is a real human interest story, a man’s miraculous recovery from being just plain dead. It is fitting that due to the vagaries of the fixture sheet and cup competitions it is Spurs that are the team we face on his return to T’Reebok. I really don’t think that we as a club can thank them as a club enough.

It is still a long road ahead for Fab before contemplating a return to football but with the speed of recovery that he has made you wouldn’t be surprised if he did. But that is for the future. It will just be good to see him.

Someone else who will be contemplating their future is Paul Robinson who has been told by Neil Warnock that Leeds will not be looking to turn his loan into a transfer. With Robbo seen training with the club yesterday there is a fear that he will play some part in the run in. Hopefully those fears will be assuaged by the fact that this is Paul Robinson we are talking about. As his loan deal runs out it is natural that he would come back to a club that had three games left to play but there are players in front of him in the pecking order for left back and it would take a major injury crisis (or even more major injury crisis) for him to appear in a white, orange, blue and red shirt again.

Ironically, on turning over your BWFC calendar this morning you would have seen the grey haired maestro appear on this month’s page. This will surely be the only time he will be seen in a Bolton shirt this month.

Elswhere, FIFA still drag their heels with Gregg Wylde and with three games left you would think that it will be next season before we see the Scot. Whilst it seems unfair that he hasn’t been cleared to play, and OC draws comparisons between Wylde and Mervan Celik who left Rangers on the same day but is now playing for his former club in Gothenburg, there is a slight difference in that the Danish league is a summer league and so it cannot be said that Celik left after a transfer window as that would mean that Danish clubs couldn’t sign players until the middle of their season, but you can understand his frustration. It shouldn’t come as any great surprise though. We all know FIFA are dicks who, when not allowing corrupt men to run their various organisations around the world are making massive profits whilst giving 1% of that figure to grass roots football and developing nations. I dare say Wylde’s paperwork has got lost down the back of a cabinet somewhere somewhere in Sepp Blatter’s secretary’s room.

OK then, with there being games this week there will be a fantasy update on Thursday. As for tomorrow, we will be here with a Spurs preview, no doubt talking about how just because Honest Harry didn’t get the England job, Spurs will be putting seven past us. As people seem to be thinking.

Until then, keep your feet on the floor.


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