Date: 24th September 2012 at 11:59am
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Two wins in three? This hasn’t happened since…..March. (Don’t mention the clean sheets).

Bloody hell. Grim isn’t it. I’ve had the lights on and the fire blazing since about 5am. Which is interesting, as I didn’t get up until 8am. Think I may have to call the police.

So, after a weekend off doing actual work, here are some things that I noticed after not watching anything of the Sheffield Wednesday game until this morning:

That grey kit is growing on me. David N’Gog remains the only striker who can put a ball two yards wide and two yards high from two yards out and is still having difficulty hitting a barn door with a barn door. Two penalties in two games would suggest that we need to stop leaving legs dangling, whether the actual penalties are deserved or not. Knight and Mills looked like they at least shook hands before the game but Alonso and Mears need to shape up. Alonso was sloppy in possession and Mears should be nearing match fitness. I’d rather see Warnock and Ricketts in those positions. Mark Davies DOES have the ability to do something other than wander round. SKD is showing signs of weariness, bless him. If Marvin Sordell wants a place in the team, he’d better stop tweeting stuff. It didn’t do Fabrice any good and it won’t do him. OC may not pay any attention to it, but someone does. His lack of place even on the bench suggests something awry behind the scenes with the best finisher at the club. Any chance of using all the subs ? Oh, and if you’re going to make a joke about the half time team talk, you now need to do it with a bit of irony, otherwise it just gets boring.

A win is a win, as they say. But, just as we shouldn’t dwell in despair with a loss, let us not go over the top with a win. Two victories in three would seem to show a turning in our fortunes, but one only has to look at Barnsley’s win at Birmingham on Saturday evening to see that there is still a lot of work to be done. Our leading scorer remains a player from midfield with the forward line having scored just three of our ten goals. And of the seven teams we have played, five of them are below us. Read into that what you will.

Of course, there are optimistic signs. Knight and Mills played well, and I am happy to say that. I still don’t think that Knight has played all that well this season, but neither have the defence as a whole. So, if people want to say he is our best defender, I take it with a pinch of salt. Spearing and Andrews played well in midfield, apparently, and if we are to win more games, we need that steel in there. I’m still nonplussed by playing just the one wide man in Chris Eagles. However, if he continues to do the job of two men, then Mark Davies can be slightly more anonymous, as long as he scores goals like he did on Saturday. One move of the shoulder took the whole Wednesday defence out and it is that kind of skill that he needs to show more of if he is to be the person that we refused to sell during the summer.

We now have a week before another eminently winnable game against Palace (also below us) before a tougher looking fixture against Leeds (just above us). We remain exactly half way between promotion and relegation. But there may be more of a glass half full perspective all of a sudden.


A Fantasy League update? On a Monday? Well, yes my friend. And all change at the top as all of last week’s top three are bundled out. Rodericks XI make it back into the top three and claim top spot, followed by Winning XI in second and BWFC legend Jussi#22 in third. I think they may be Finnish as well. Team of the week is Dumbledores Army which is, I think you’ll agree, Wizard.

Back tomorrow. Until then, you’re thinking there’s a horcrux in Bellatrix’s vault?


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