Date: 17th October 2015 at 1:20pm
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Anthony Hart reports on on a mystery man who turned out for Sierre Leone

There has been an air of shock, confusion and surprise when it was revealed in the last week that Medo Kamara still exists.

The midfielder, who hasn’t played for Bolton Wanderers for a long, long time, turned out for his country Sierra Leone while the Championship was on its sabbatical.
Officials from the Sierra Leone FA were the first to remember about him.

‘I was drafting the papers to send the letters to all the clubs, and I remembered Medo. They hadn’t picked him, so I told the coach, and his reply was ‘He’s still playing football. Okay…’ We all sorted it straight away,’said Sam Yukellah, an office worker for the governing body.
Anonymous sources within Wanderers then told us of the confusion when news of the call-up arrived.

‘We got the fax and thought who on earth they were talking about. It was like the time someone was asking for Simeon Slavchev.
‘We even rang Dougie Freedman to help us out. He was actually quite helpful and gave us Medo’s number. Neil had forgotten all about him. The good thing about ringing Dougie is that we also fooled him into possibly taking Liam Trotter to the East Midlands, so that was two birds being killed with one stone.’
On the pitch, Medo completed 90 minutes as they failed to qualify the 2018 World Cup, being singlehandedly eliminated by a man known only as Chad.

Medo has now returned to the UK, but many are still convinced he is a fictional character.


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