Date: 25th April 2013 at 12:02pm
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…No, just keep off the grass!

How are we all doing? This is just a quick one to bridge the gap to the weekend’s game. and check in and see how the nerves are holding up… Me, too.
As if I needed to tell you, it’s Cardiff away this Saturday. The Championship champions are planning a party after the game and subsequently pleading with their supporters to stay off the pitch. Win, lose or draw this weekend, Cardiff have bagged enough points to already know their fate, so I’m sure a lot of home fans will be getting itchy feet to join in the jollies. If they lose, I’m positive the spirits of supporters will remain heightened enough to be willing to get grass-stained. But a loss for them would mean a…carry the one…win for us. A win for us would also mean a section of the crowd, not from South Wales, ready to don their paper hats, do the ‘Time Warp’ and form a conga around the stand they’re planning to erect. Forget ‘Cream’ or ‘Bowlers’ (are they still going?) this weekend, the place-to-be maybe down at the Cardiff City Stadium. If we do win and the club is serious about keeping fans from the turf, I hope a few stewards are earmarked for the away-fan gate-crashers, or they may have another ‘Hull Away’ on their hands. I was there- behind the goal- so I know first-hand what that was like. No, I didn’t steam the pitch that day… What..? I didn’t, honestly…

How do you feel when you look at the current Championship table? Are you calculating all the ifs, buts and maybes from remaining fixtures that would secure Bolton’s play-off place? Or are you just staring at Bolton in that sixth spot, pinching yourself, remembering when you were looking over your shoulder at the relegation places? I’m a bit of both.
If you are doing the mathematics, drawing up graphs and printing spreadsheets of findings, have you concluded the position you want Bolton to finish in? I’m sure the majority of you are just saying ‘top six’, but have you decided which of the six? It’s amazing how quickly a team’s fortunes can change and in Bolton’s case, how quickly they can change within a season…within half a season, gee-whiz! So part of me is saying, beggars can’t be choosers and the other half is saying, please, sir, I want some more. Looking at the current standings -again- and assuming only 5th and 6th are up for grabs for the Whites, I’m hoping for a 6th place finish. 6th place if it means playing Watford twice, rather than 5th and hypothetically playing Brighton twice. Yes, I would rather play the Hornets over two legs than I would the Seagulls. I know, I should list the reasons why I would rather play the team with the greater points total and goal difference. Why I would rather play the team we bettered for the majority of the two league games than the team we beat over two contests, but were second best for 179 of the 180 minutes. Why I would rather play the team deflated for missing out on automatic promotion than the team undefeated in 7 games, winning the last 6-1. But I’m not going to because I’m not entirely sure why I feel this way… Oh, wait… It’s been a long week. I’ve not mentioned what? Our front-man from Yorkshire isn’t heading for Canada, our midfielder from America is heading back from Yorkshire and we may have signed an Australian? Like I say, long week.

Thanks for the comments on the previous article. Much appreciated.


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  • gotta agree, I would much rather play Watford than Brighton and hope that Palace/Leicester can knock Brighton out in the other semi. In my opinion Brighton were the best team I’ve seen at the Reebok and despite Bolton being the better team ‘on paper’ they just seem to have our number. But first and foremost…lets just get there, I’ll take that rigt now! Have a nasty feeling were gonna miss out on goal difference.

  • A single bloody point finished us last season and it could happen again – Forest are my danger team, but who knows, if we achieve the unlikely and results this weekend go our way again it might look completely different.

  • If we beat Cardiff and then beat blackpool we’ll have tje best home form in the division. Cardiff currenlty have the best with us in second.

  • I think we will make the play offs, as you all know I am always optimistic though. Even when things were poor earlier in the season I kept saying we could come good. Well I was right look!! Anyway I do think we will make the play offs as I say, but I have this feeling we won’t get promoted. Its just a gut instinct nothing more. The question is would it be better to miss out on the play offs altogether or miss out on promotion in the play offs? This is assuming my negative thoughts are correct.

  • Gut feelings tell me different things at different times but they have told me throughout this season we have lacked the quality and consistency needed to leave this league and stake a claim in the premiership once again. Sure we can pull out a great performance or a great result , beating Hull 4-0 was superb but losing to the likes of Peterborough and Ipswich, etc, simply demonstrates the underlying weaknesses and vulnerabilities remain. We have strung a superb run of results together this year especially at the reebok and for that we are knocking on the play off entrance door, however, our performances have not been particularly dominating or brimming with style and confidence and that worries me. We continue to struggle in attack, often failing to convert decent chances into goals and in many regards our good run of results has been reliant on our opponents being more wasteful than ourselves in front of goal. The law of probability tells me the winds of fortune always change direction, to counter that we need to improve our game, dominate far more and find the net with more regularity, it needs to begin soon and this weekend would be perfect.

  • Mike, please take off your s*hit-tinted spectacles for a while. No team can always play to the best of its ability, not us, nor Barcelona; not even those opponents of ours who were more wasteful in front of goal than we were. Its all about consistency, which we had none of before xmas. But neither did anybody else in this league, save for Cardiff I suppose. Thats what left the door open to the likes of us or any other team who could a late run together. WE are the form team now, and sure we’ll still spurn half our chances, but so should the rest of ’em. Cardiff haven’t exactly been 100% for the last 6 or so games, but they’ve held it together and not lost any, scraping mostly draws. There is no team that bangs in 90% of its chances, unless they’ve only had two shots on goal per game and won 2-0. Is that what you’d prefer, or would you rather our shots/goals ratio be 20% in a game coz we win 4-0 but had 20 shots on goal….

  • activity seems quite slow, this week. i sent an article over to al on sunday, but not had a response about putting it up? could do with abit more reading.

  • don’t wear tinted glasses, maybe that’s the problem, prefer to tell it as it is. I said we have had a great run of results – true, said our performances have not been fantastic, bar the odd one – true, said ourselves and opponents have been wasteful in front of goal – true, said we need to improve our performance to win the next two games and succeed in the knock out stage – I think that’s true. I don’t confuse results with form, results went our way against Huddersfield, Bristol, Middlesbrough when our form was average, we showed great form at Leicester and were beaten, goals dictate results, hence why I hope we become sharper and find the net more readily, there are no easy games ahead. Look forward to reading the article from bowton

  • Yes, there are weaknesses in our game and lots of work still to be done, but the progress we have made to the position we now hold has been spectacular and an almost unbelievable turnaround, regardless of all the luck and results going our way. To have any chance of being in the play-offs or being promoted from where we were, even back in February was always going to be seat of pants stuff and needing to go to the last game and a single point or goal difference. True, we have had almost solely good fortune since this run started, but we’ve also made our own luck. If we finish top 6, which I think we will, it will have been a fantastic achievement, and I think we stand every chance of going up too. But agree it would help to be playing Watford over the two legs. Anyway I’m going to stop tempting fate now…

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