Date: 28th December 2015 at 11:35pm
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On post match interviews

I’d just like to quickly pick up on Gary Madine’s post match interview, having scored and won the game for us against Blackburn yesterday- and what a massive win it was too!

He started off by saying ‘we were embarrassing’ against Rotherham. Yes, Gary that’s true. You were. You lost 4-0 to Rotherham. *It was at this point that I discovered that Rotherham had an ‘h’ in it. Apologies if I spelt it incorrectly in the past.

He said that they let ‘all the fans down’ and apologised for the appalling display put on by the team we go out to support every week.

Then he said something that really struck a chord with me. When asked about his ‘unlucky clearance of the line’ he said ‘I don’t think it was unlucky; I just don’t think I was very good’.

I know it’s not great to hear players self-criticise because confidence is a huge part of their game- especially for strikers. However, confidence shouldn’t be too much of an issue now after his great goal later on and he did say that he was feeling better.

Madine’s attitude has impressed me on the whole since signing, obviously with exception to him calling Neil Lennon a ‘Scottish p****’ right in front of the Sky cameras but to be fair that was actually really funny and I’m no longer hear to defend Neil Lennon in the same way that I once was.

He always seems to work hard and we did see some quality from him during pre season. I still stand by what I said: there is a 15-20 goal a season Championship striker somewhere within him. He need to tap into that because he’s tall, can win the ball but also good with the ball at his feet when he isn’t second-guessing himself.

What he said about the Rotherham drubbing was much more pleasing than that said by his colleague David Wheater who, too, was very disappointed about the outcome, clearly but seemed to hit passively at the fans.

Our fans have been tremendous, Dave. What do you expect when you lose 4-0 to Rotherham?

On the whole our club is filled with pretty straight-talking people, like Neil Lennon, y new friend Gary Madine here, Steve Walford seemed to be of that similar mould as are the likes of Jay Spearing and Zach Clough.

I like that and fans don’t by manipulative post match tactics. I want to hear what they have to say about the match, not hypnotised that we beat Rotherham 4-0 and that we’re not last in the Championship behind MK Dons and Preston… and Rotherham.


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