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Embargo Sorted But Anderson Still Doubles Down Ahead of West Brom Game


There’s picking your fights, and then picking your fights.

With Monday’s match against West Brom on the horizon and all the protests along with it, there might have been the chance for Ken Anderson to maybe offer out an olive branch, or embark on some sort of diplomatic comment.

That may have been the case if all that came out of the club yesterday were the announcements that Remi Matthews and Gary O’Neil had been sorted out, and that the embargo was lifted, and whoever needed paying had been paid. That was all very welcome news.

But this is Ken Anderson and this is Bolton Wanderers, so around the same time that it had emerged that John McGinlay wouldn’t be part of BBC Radio Manchester’s commentary team on Monday night has he had been denied access and he would be no longer welcome as a guest of the club. It was pointed out he’d be with us on the protest march prior to the match, and comments about the team and manager were cited. While I don’t entirely agree with McGinlay with the on the pitch stuff – it’s still entirely valid criticism and that’s the job of a pundit. If I was in charge at Media City, I’d refuse to send anyone up the M61 on Monday until McGinlay’s access was reinstated.

As for Monday, here are some of the plans doing the rounds. As a site, we support any sort of peaceful protest, although I’m not a fan of the tennis balls on the pitch though – I don’t think the players deserve that but let’s be honest, it’ll be happening.

Pre-match march – Meet at Nat’s statue at 7pm for a lap of the ground.

Bring a friend – The free ticket offer expires at 5.30pm today. Get them in the Lofthouse lower if they have any decent banners.

Some are planning to spend the first 10 minutes on the concourse before taking their seats.

Songs – try and keep them clean – Sky wouldn’t have an issue with anti-Anderson songs, it’s probably even a story for them. What they will do is dub on generic sound if there’s audible swearing – as they’ll get in trouble with OFCOM otherwise. It’s not a question of censorship.

See you on Monday.

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