Date: 27th January 2013 at 8:35am
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Guest writer Chris Manning takes a look back at the FA Cup defeat to Everton.

Dutchman John Heitinga scored 90th minute winner to give Everton a barely-deserved win against Bolton in order to book a place in the fifth round of the FA Cup.

Everton went 1-0 up very much with the run of play as Anichebe’s shot bounced off Pienaar beyond Andy Lonergan and into the corner of the Bolton net.

However the impressive Sordell equalised smartly turning in Pratley’s low cross past Howard.

Both sides had chances to go ahead in each half, with Bolton bemoaning some poor finishing and excellent goalkeeping from Howard before Heitinga struck to seal a late win.

The consensus was that the goal was harsh on Bolton, who had deserved a replay.

Player Ratings

Barely a save to make – one notable save however was an excellent tip-round-the-post from Steven Pienaar. Did enough.

Was poor defensively initially but grew into the game. Attacked with verve and provided excellent assistance to CYL on the right wing.

Probably MoM – strong in the tackle and confident going forward. A real shame that he’s leaving now we’re finally starting to see the best of him.

Did well against Jelavic, who was substituted after being largely ineffective. Struggled when Fellaini was pushed forward.

Bullied by Anichebe, he seemed to be in for a long day however similarly to Ricketts he grew into the game and looked confident. Understandably struggled too against Fellaini.

Did really well. Sometimes looked to play the simple passes when an adventurous effort forward might have been better but this will come with experience. Tackled well and looked at home. A really good performance.

Energetic and involved – he’s become a key member of the midfield of late and he didn’t allow a single minute of relaxation for the Everton four as he was harassing and harrying them throughout. Did well.

Really returning to the player that he was before the broken leg. Tricky and hard working he’s a really important part of our team at the moment. Unlucky with a few tricks that he attempted but overall did well.

I’m really trying to defend him but his form has tailed off massively since Coyle left. We’d have struggled without him this season and I would say he just about deserves to be kept in but this goodwill is slowly ebbing away. Was poor.

Another one who perhaps wasn’t at his best but still was tenacious in the tackle and economical with his passing. He has had better days but would have enjoyed dumping Fellaini on his backside once or twice.

An impressive performance from Marvin – he was strong and held the ball up well and also provided a speedy outlet for the midfield looking to hit the ball into the channels. Took his goal well and I think he would be the only striker in our ranks who could have finished like that. Deserves a run in the side.

I won’t comment on his performance as I’ve been told not to swear.

Barely involved
Wow what a moment – his return following two years out was a real lift to the crowd. He showed his usual tidy game with accurate passing and a couple of tenacious tackles. Looks sharp and ready to come back in.

Manager Rating
Dougie Freedman set his team out in a cautious manner, as we’ve come to expect, but this still allowed flexibility and freedom to attack Everton whilst also retaining the solidity provided by a five man midfield.

Opponent Rating
David Moyes, as for most of his career, got lucky.

Away fans in the home end
This practice doesn’t bother me one bit when you’ve got the decent ones – for example we had some in front and behind us who despite clapping Everton’s goal they stayed sat down and didn’t rub it in at the end when they scored the winner.

However we also had some right scrotes who leapt up to celebrate when the above happened, and then after that it all booted off with people being shoved, some old bloke being thrown down the stairs and general kerfuffles breaking out everywhere.

Why can’t they just sit there and behave themselves?! No problem with the good ones, but the bad’uns can do one.


42 Replies to “FA Cup – Bolton v Everton”

  • What the heck is Freedman up to telling the press ‘ the team is going through a difficult time ‘ we dont need more excuses per Coyle, I thought the aim of the new manager was to inspire confidence and eradicate the veil of excuses that Coyle cast over ever damming performance witnessed during his reign. I remain peturbed and concerned with the Koala Bear approach of Freedman, he gives caution a bad name, I had hoped for fire and brimstone, a manager with a big pair of ba-ls between his legs, able to inject confidence and dynamism into the players, willing to select his best players and go for the jugular in every game, I fear he’s a pussy scared stiff of failing, which ironically is exactly what is happening.

  • Good point Mike, certainly at Palace. Most Football Managers and players are not worth listening to now – worse than politicians. Poor subs – did he really think Afobe and N’goals were capable of scoring? Rest of game fantastic and exciting once the players “grew into it”. Lots of reasons to be optimistic. I think Alonso has been treated apallingly. Fans realised his quality but Manager’s seemed to ignore them. I wouldn’t blame him for leaving but hope something can still be done to keep him.

  • I agree fully with everyone who says there are reasons to be optimistic and yes we should not be selling our best players, has the club not learned from the damage inflicted when they sold our best players 18 months ago or is Gartside hell bent on ripping away the remaining talent we have left. I truly belief a recovery will not happen until we begin scoring more than a single goal a match, everything rests on getting 2 -3 goals per game, it is not rocket science, management must select the lads who can attack. Blimey this is citing the obvious, its ridiculous. Thank you Pedro for your mention earlier – dont encourage me !!

  • I must declare that I didn’t see any of yesterday’s game but by most accounts we played pretty well. As I think most of us have cautiously said, there are grounds for optimism in terms of the playing staff. As has been the case for far too long, the main problem is with management and, for want of a better phrase, corporate attitude. We have two keepers who are about good enough at this level. The defence has improved under DF although it would be good for the whole unit to fire together on a more regular basis; looks like we need to keep Alonso, Wheater can’t be too far away, Dawson could be a good acquisition. Midfield is looking a bit more solid as well and showing more creativity; Pratley starting to look like the player we thought we were buying, CYL getting back to form, Student just plain back, Vela a big bonus and bit part players like Spearing and Andrews who can slot in, just a shame Eagles has had a dip in form. As Mike says, up front is now the problem; don’t see much point in keeping Afobe, we are stuck with Ngog, SKD is SKD and the future is Marvellous. However, he can’t do it alone and Mike is right that we need a strike force that can stick a good few goals past the opposition; currently we don’t have this so a goal scorer is a top priority (whether Davies fits the bill remains to be seen). I may have missed some out but you get the gist. Which brings me to management. To start from the top down, and to namecheck King Michael of All The Southern Hemisphere Bolton Fans for a third time, you are right in your repeated assertions that PG’s position has surely been rendered untenable by an almost unbroken series of woeful decisions (even Fred The Shred finally fell on his sword). OC, nice bloke, god-fearing teetotaller, Whites legend and all that, turned out to be a disaster. Megson ditto. Little Sam ditto. I am sure DF is a decent bloke too (for all I know he could be a god-fearing son of the kirk too and live on porridge alone) but if we were going to go into the post-OC era with untried management why not stick with the Phillips/Lee/Darby axis who actually showed signs of serious promise and who had a deep understanding of our club and some experience? DF looks like a real knee-jerk reaction from PG. We all wanted McCarthy for plain-as-the-nose-on-your-face reasons and he has proved us right at Ipswich. If we could see it, why could PG not when he is paid highly to do so? DF is young in age and young in management experience – he may go on to be the next SAF, who knows? He may lead us to Champions League glory in a few years but only if we change our name to Melchester Rovers I suspect. However, here in January 2013 I see a club with a large debt (albeit owed to one of the many Davies’ associated to the club rather than to banks or HMRC). I see a club relegated from the Promised Land at possibly the worst moment in revenue terms and now staring at a near certain non-immediate return. I see that “corporate attitude” in terms of near-permanent damage limitation and a resultant “small thinking”. PG may also be a decent god-fearing bloke but I would trust Captain Pugwash to steer the good ship HMS Wanderers better with just a sextant and some stars rather than OptaSports and a team of scientists, psychologists, physios, nutritionists and maybe some druids and rune-casters thrown in. This nervousness and focus on survival rather than achievement I believe has translated on to the pitch in the past and still does today. DF had a right good tinker with line-up from the start, understandably wanting to take a look at the whole playing staff in game situations. He should now know his best starting XI for any given oppo if he was worth his salt and his best set of plans for any given game. These should be adaptable and flexible within certain parameters. BUT…it has been said before that succesful teams set up to be proactive and make the oppo play them and their system rather than the other way round. DF appears to be setting us up each time to not lose rather than to win. I think we all would like to see a Bolton team set up to go out and give the oppo a good tonking with our best XI on the pitch and a range of options both on the bench and in terms of game plan; but all of it positive rather than reactive. We have the players. What we need is a management drive to implement it. We are nearer the bottom than the top but a series ofwinscan change that rapidly in this division.

  • Bloody hell Fred that must have taken some time, I agree with what you say particularly regarding mccarthy he would have put some fire in their bellies. However DF is here now so let’s hope he starts to see what we do sat in the st?ands. That being marvin has to start as does Students and Craig david needs a run out(if not why sign him). At the risk of repeating myself Afobe should go home and Eagles needs a rest. Finally we need to tie up one or two starting with alonso and students.

  • I have not seen any statement issued or made by Gartside since he signed Freedman. He was active in keeping fans aware of his concerns while Coyle weaved his damage at the start of this season, to the point of publicly confirming the absolute priority of gaining promotion this season. His recent silence is contradictory given Freedmans record is as bad if not worse than Coyles, made all the worse by the fact the results achieved under Philip & Lee where actually twice as good as those from the new guy brought in to replace them. Our chairman takes £500,000 a year from the club, I therefore feel the loyal supporters who pay their money every week are rightly entitled to explanations from the chairman given the clubs priorities have not been met and why his selected manager has failed to produce the goods – deja vu once more.

  • I don’t think the chairman is going to say anything as he can’t unless he admits he made a mistake and he can’t do that unless Freedman is sacked. That wont happen in my view and shouldn’t, as unless there is someone better to take his place we will just go even further downhill. As for phil lipsi lee etc. I wanted them to get the nod if it wasn’t to be big mick but they only had a couple of games in charge and you could look at a two or three game snapshot for any manager (even megson) and see a couple of wins. I still think there are signs of improvement and hope that if not this year then next we will top the championship. To be honest I don’t think there is a team in this league who could live with us the way we played on Saturday. Remember Everton are a good side. Finally I would hope the chairman will not be receiving or willing to take a bonus this year as clearly the club have not met his own goals.

  • I agree pedro stats etc. would be nice hence I rated the players on the last forum. I have offered our new ed. some assistance but have heard nothing. The offer still stands though.

  • I think it was close between him and Pratley. Pratley harried over the whole pitch for the whole match, for me Pratley gets it. He has looked good the last few weeks.

  • good observations Boltongav, my perpetual critisism of Gartside should now take a back seat. Pleased to see Pratley finally hitting his straps, the lad took alot of stick earlier this season, hope his good run continues with a few goals to boot. Also hope the club keeps hold of Alonso, is there any truth in the claim on Sky News we have signed a 21 year old from somewhere like Croatia ? surely the story was not correct.

  • Thanks Mike, We have signed Jan Gregus a 21 year old slovakian international defender on 12 month loan leading to a permanent if it works out. DF says it is one for next season but the player seems to think otherwise and is hungry for first team time which is good. I have long thought Pratley could come good but the same problem seems to keep recurring at the reebok- no patience leading to apprehension on the players part and then poor form. I’m glad he is now showing us how good he is and hope unlike his last mom performance he doesn’t now get dropped for the next game

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