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International Break Goes By Without Any Controversy For Bolton


The international break has passed for Bolton Wanderers without any sort of controversy or drama, it is feared.

With two weeks without any sort of first-team football for the club, there may have been an opportunity for a supplier or a former player not to get paid, or for a current player to pick up a freak injury in training, but somehow things have remained nice and quiet.

“It’s all very weird,” said an anonymous source close to the Wanderers media relations team. “Normally the PR people are just waiting for another winding-up petition or a player we even forgot play for us end up tweeting something about owing money. But it’s been nice, they’ve had a bit of holiday and everything.”

At the time of publishing this piece, a groan could be heard from the club media’s office as an email reading “next Note From the Chairman” dropped through their inbox.

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