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Kicking A Bolton-Coloured Can Down The Road


One crisis may have been solved until the next crisis occurs.

Bolton’s ‘footballing’ staff will be paid tomorrow, which is something that can be believed. If they weren’t, it would be a worst-case scenario, with player departures expected and HMRC possibly getting involved.

Ken Anderson has promised to fully fund the wages, which is really good of him. It’s as though he owns the club. I might fully fund the Christmas wrapping paper I need to buy shortly after I write this piece.

Whether the money is paid tomorrow or not, and again it almost certainly will be, it should only be a matter of time before the next problem arises, whether players will get paid again, or someone doesn’t get a bonus they are entitled to, or a supplier tries to slap another winding-up order on us.

It’s depressing and boring of hearing all this brinkmanship. I get that if the club is to be sold, it needs to be to the right people, and proof of funding is essential, and all those other caveats, but the more stories we hear about what seems like an inability or unwillingness to fund the club, surely there is a bigger chance someone is out there who can do a better job than what is currently going on?

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