Date: 18th September 2007 at 12:25pm
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The Times used to be respected for the accuracy of its reporting. An article titled ‘Lee Could Pay the Price for Poor Start`, that appeared on the newspaper`s website this morning demonstrates perfectly why that`s no longer the case. The piece displays a mixture of malice and incompetence, as the quotes below demonstrate.

‘(Paul) Jewell has been keen to return to football since stepping down from the manager’s job at Wigan Athletic after they avoided relegation last season.`

No he hasn’t. Jewell has stated repeatedly that he’s not ready to return. He even said it on the telly box for the benefit of Wigan fans, few of whom can read.

‘There were conflicting signals about whether Phil Gartside, the chairman, and Allan Duckworth, the chief executive, had held a meeting.`

In other words you don`t know if there`s been a meeting or not.

‘There has been speculation since pre-season that Bolton players have been unhappy with the training and tactics employed.`

Of course there has. You muppets started it.

‘Lee has said that ‘survival’ and ‘crisis’ are not part of his dictionary, but he faced chants of ‘You don’t know what you’re doing’ from Birmingham City supporters during the 1-0 defeat on Saturday.`

Er no, that was the Bolton fans.

Well done to those ‘supporters` by the way. You must be thrilled that you`ve given the anti-Bolton brigade ammunition.


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